Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Smith's Road Trip 2013: Day 1 & 2

Hey Y'all! I'm happy as a lark! So much is changing and happening around here! I cannot wait to share with you, but not just yet! All in good time my friend! {no, sorry, I am not prego!}

To recap our trip I'm gonna try to break it down into just a few posts. We all know we like to drag these out! I just like to share my photos from the trip and to put all of them in one post just doesn't work! Am I right?

DAY 1 on the Smith's road trip we headed north to PA! If you followed along on instagram you saw a good bit of the places we went to but I didn't share everything, so tune in!

Have you ever watched or heard of the show that comes on GAC called Farm Kings? We love it! It shows how hard the King family works to keep their multiple family businesses going on a daily basis. On our way up to Erie, PA the Hubs got the bright idea to visit their Market! So we googled the location and luckily it wasn't too much out of the way!

Farm Kings tv show photo

We got us some strawberry preserves, t-shirts, and peaches from the Market! We did see one family member while we were there. It was Ben! He was helping work in the cafe area and would smile and look at us every time we moved. I wanted to go over and just hug him tight, but I was afraid to. So I kept to myself. It was fun seeing the market and all the items they had for sale.

Next stop, Erie, Pennsylvania! What started this whole road trip for us was a friend's wedding! We got invited to one of the hubs off road buddies nuptials! We were so excited and made it a week long road trip. #NoRegretsEither

We stayed at a cute little motel/cottage place right on the lake. When we got out of the jeep I was so happy about the temperatures! It was so cool and hardly any humidity! We arrived at sunset, so we were greeted by amazing views of the lake! We relaxed the whole evening since we had been on the road all day!

The next day we got all dolled up and headed to the church for the wedding!

It was a cute and simple wedding! The church was beautiful! Sadly, I didn't take my camera in. I was not sure how the bride and groom felt about someone taking pictures with a big camera, so out of respect, I left it in the car. It was too bad because a lot of people had them! I did take some with the Hubs phone but they are pretty blurry.

After the wedding we went to the reception and had a fabulous dinner with dancing and a photo booth!

After the reception, the happy couple invited all of their guests to their home to finish celebrating! From ping pong to Jeep rides it was lots of fun! We stayed until midnight and Zane was asking to go to bed! ha! Good times with good friends!


We slept in the next morning then packed up to head out for the next adventure! Look out Niagara Falls, NY the Smith's are coming for ya!

Stay tuned for Day 3 & 4 tomorrow!


  1. Love the close up picture of Zane! Such a cutie! The photo booth pictures are hilarious! It describes yall to a T!

  2. That cabin looks heavenly! So fun! And oh my gosh, those photobooth pictures are priceless!

  3. What a perfect little cabin! All of these little trips you're going on are making me jealous-I want to take a vacation, and not just stay at home and work on the farm! LOL.

  4. What a fun trip so far...and Niagara Falls...I can't wait! That picture of Zane all dolled up is adorable. He's so handsome. So jealous of ya'll's adventures. We are just going on a boring but much needed vacation to the beach for a week. :-)

    1. And yes, we'll be in MB so hit me up if you want to meet up somewhere one night! :-)

  5. That cottage is so adorable! How cute is Zane?!


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