Thursday, August 08, 2013

Smith's Road Trip 2013: DAY 3

Are y'all ready for Day 3? It's gonna be one big picture overload! Consider yourself warned! But who don't like pictures?

So day 3 we headed over towards Niagara Falls, NY. On the way there we found two lighthouses! I cannot pass up a beautiful lighthouse without taking a few pictures! The one on the far left is actually in the city of Erie and the one on the right is in the town next to it. The shore next to the one on the right was sandy and had lots of moss and geese poop every where! Zane loved the big ship wrecked boat that was there. It was so colorful!

After seeing the lighthouses we got back on the road again. We didn't stop until we got to Niagara Falls! I had no idea what it would be like. The town was amazing in itself. There was so much to explore! Luckily we all had on our walking shoes! Seeing the views was breathtaking! We walked around and took the scene all in. Then we made a plan to get on the Maid of Mist. It's a boat that takes you up close and personal to the falls! I was scared that we'd get soaking we so we went back to the car and left our phones and my camera there so they wouldn't get ruined. I wish now that I would have at least brought my phone. We barely got wet. It was mostly on our feet. They provide you with a big blue poncho and it keeps you dry. The mist down at the bottom feels more like rain because it is so heavy. If you ever get the chance to go to Niagara Falls, ride the Maid of Mist! SO SO SO Worth it! The city you see to the right is Ontario, Canada! We don't have passports so we couldn't go! Next time we will though!

After we finished touring around the town we decided to break out the watermelon my parents sent with us! It was the perfect afternoon snack! We're country folk and just cut it on the cooler right in the parking lot and ate it. You should have seen all the looks people gave us! I even asked some if the would like a piece! ha! While we were snacking we decided to stay the night in Niagara Falls. Best decision ever! We were able to back to the falls and watch the light show and fireworks! Before we went to see that show, we got dinner and hung out in the hotel to relax. Well, I relaxed, the boys, I do mean boys, wrestled. I think Zane kicked the Hubs tail! Haha!

The falls were beautiful at night! We went out onto the Observation Deck to watch. We had a great view! The only thing I would change about this part of the trip was to have our passports (that we've never had) so that we could go over into Canada! We sho will next time y'all!


  1. Oh my gosh, so beautiful! Especially with the lights!

  2. Holy heck! The pictures at night are STUNNING! Wow. You did an awesome job!! I SO want to go!!

  3. Wow that is gorgeous!! I have wanted to go to Niagara Falls ever since I saw the Marilyn Monroe movie Niagara. If you haven't seen it and like old movies, I recommend it. Its not her usual kind of movie, its a mystery.

  4. Wow Niagra falls is breathtaking (especially at night!).

  5. Those night shots are amazing! I really need to visit Niagra sometime.

  6. Niagra Falls and watermelon omg perfect Im so jells. I so want to visit there

  7. Okay, seriously, those pictures are so gorgeous and definitely make me envious! Niagara Falls is definitely on the ol' bucket list! I love the lights and fireworks at night. And of course, I love that you ate watermelon in the parking southern folks know how to travel right! :-)


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