Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thanksgivin' and all that Jazz

Y'all. Thanksgiving was so pleasant this year! We went to one place Thursday night and that was it! I was very happy about it! Usually we have two or more places to go. I also usually have LOTS to cook! This year, not much at all!
We threw three quart jars of green beans that we grew this year in a big ol pot on the stove with some fatback and let 'em boil. Then I made the Facebook famous Chocolate Lasanga! It was a huge hit! I barely got a taste for myself! I will be making it again next week for the work Christmas party.
Want in on the recipe? Click here y'all!
Friday we sent Zane to daycare and we went shopping! We got all of our gifts bought expect for two!!! Yeah baby!!! I'm so glad that we won't be stressing over buying gifts! I can enjoy baking and partying it up! This Saturday we are having a Tacky Sweater Party with our friends and we are playing Chinese Christmas! It's always a blast! Won't you come too?
Sunday we made a fire pit! Just in time for our party this weekend! What's a nice adult beverage without a warm fire to sit by? Exactly my point!
So anytime you need a warm fire to be next to, just come over to the Smiths house and hang out!


  1. Um, what party? I don't I was invited. GO YOU with being so close to done with your shopping!

  2. If you were close enough, I would come hang out. My boys would have a blast hanging out with your boys. I'm confident we'd get along. :) Looks like you had a great weekend. That desert looks really good too.

  3. 1) I have never had chocolate lasagna. I am going to remedy this problem IMMEDIATELY.
    2) Your fire pit looks awesome! We have one, and it is perfect for chilly nights in the fall and winter. I love that in SC, the weather never gets too cold, so we pretty much use it year round.

  4. Chinese Christmas!? What is that??

  5. I want to have an ugly sweater party but I don't have any friends :( Your fire pit looks amazing!

  6. Isn't it great when you have an easy holiday?! We had one too-there was only 6 of us, so I got to eat, read, nap and watch football all day!


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