Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas Card Time

It's hard deciding what to send out to all your loved ones for the holidays. We love to send a family photo every year!
This year Zane requested we do something silly instead of being normal! ha! Oh the ideas of a 5 year old! Well, as always, we let him have his way. At first he wanted us to all dress up in camo. Well, I considered it but no thanks. My boy loves some Duck Dynasty. He tried but was vetoed.
A few weekends ago the hubs surprised us and took us to Dollywood for the day. Zane got to see and talk to Santa. We rode rides and froze our hineys off! We drank hot chocolate and had a good time!
The hubs was smart and packed my good camera and my tripod. So while we were driving we stopped at the very top of the mountain and had a photo shoot!
Our Christmas card was in the works and I barely knew it! I say barely because I kind of posed our shots with cards in mind! hehe I had several shots I wanted to use but these two that I have here stood out to me the most. Zane loves both of them so that means a lot since this year it was his idea to be silly!
My dilemma here is I am not sure which one I want to use! Can you help me? While I'd like to mix them up and send them all, I want to send the same cause we all know we have 'those' family members who will say "Why didn't you send me that one?" I don't want to explain anything. So help a girl out here. Which one would you pick?



  1. I think if I had to pick just one, it would be the last one. I like them all though! And the middle one seems to show (even though I've never met you IRL) your personality!

  2. The first one!!!! Love how Zane was so interested in the card!!!

  3. How sweet! You're such a good momma for letting him have a say! I love the second picture and the colors of the first card!

  4. Second one is unique and i love that you can see the pretty scenery.

  5. Number 1!! I just love Zane :)

  6. I am a terrible decision maker, but I like them all. I do love the sweetness of the kissing ones for you and Steve, but the other one is hilarious and so matches your fun personalities! Do you design your own cards too? Girl, you are good! :-)

  7. I'm surprised everyone is choosing the first one. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but as much as I love to see two people in love like you obviously are if you're going to do a family photo all of you should be actively involved in it like you are in the second picture. Now if you were sending a couple related photo only and your son wasn't in the picture then I'd say the first one is perfect. Does that make sense? I also love the second one more because I'm big on natural backgrounds if at all possible.

    Plus not to mention, there are so old time people who don't believe in public displays of affection (even though, my hubby and I are actually more affectionate in public than we are at home sometimes. ;) )

  8. The second one! I love that you all are making a silly face!


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