Thursday, January 30, 2014

Night Shift is a Fun Sucker!

If you've been around here a while you may have figured out that the hubs works in and out of town all the time. Most of the time if he is out of town, it's close enough for me to drive to on the weekends just so that our family is together. There have been times when we are hundreds of miles apart. There are also times when he has to work the vampire shift. UGH!
Well it's that time. Time for him to work third shift. I absolutely HATE it! It is so hard for our family to function and get used to it. It's even harder on the weekends when the hubs is trying to sleep and Zane and I are a wake. I am constantly reminding Z to be quiet. I hate getting on to him all the time. I feel like a broken record. Not to mention that he is moody when he works vampire shifts.
All the while this is such an inconvenience, I try to stay humble. I try to remind myself that he is doing this for us. Making the sacrifice to provide for us. His family. So that we have what we need and want. There are so many people out there that go without. I've tried to keep in my mind to be humble all the time but sometimes life gets in the way and blocks it out.
Most people dedicate a word or phrase for themselves each year. I know that Shelley Smith from The House of Smiths has done this a time or two. This year, I am going to do this to help me stay focused. As you now may have guessed what mine is going to be.
Hold it in. Bite my tongue. Whatever it takes. I'm going to be humble this year more than ever. What about you?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year Smew Year

It's a new year and everyone is making and working towards their resolutions. I have one and only one. Lose 30 pounds before I'm 30. That's basically 1 pound per week. Easily obtainable for anyone. If I lose more, great, if I don't great too. I just want to get back on track to being healthy. I want to start jogging/running again. Just for me, no marathons. Lately I've gotten so careless and just eating whatever. I don't really over eat, I just eat what I want to. Eating out is one of my worst habits! I eat out everyday for lunch. That's coming to a complete stop. We eat out for dinner a good bit too. Probably 3-4 times a week depending on what is going on. That's going to go down to once a week. That will save us a ton of money too!
I'd also like to mark more things off of my 30 before 30 list! I think I have done pretty good so far. I only have 10 left! There are some on this list that won't be possible by July. I'll just move it over to a 40 list! ha!
I can knock two birds with one stone if Mom and I go on a trip together and get tattoos. We've said for years that when she turns 50 and I turn 30 that we'd get a mother/daughter tattoo of some sort. I am actually really excited about this. I have no clue what we are going to get but my Mom wants to incorporate an infinity symbol. We shall see. Y'all know I will post all about it!
Infinity Tattoos...yes, these are kind of cliche but I want mine to say "interesting" in the infinity symbol.  Could you show me dear, something I've not seen, something infinitely interesting ...from our wedding song! 

Thursday, January 09, 2014


 It was a regular time for us. Nothing outstanding happened and nothing really bad happened. I'm thankful for that. Some things are good to just be okay.
January we went on a hunt to find snow. That's what always happens this time of year in the south. When you don't get snow, you go looking for it in the mountains!

The hubs was still in Kansas working in February. So I mailed him a Valentine's day package with a gift to open for the next 7 days. He failed. He just opened them all at once. Also this sweet blog turned two years old!
March wasn't much of anything except the hubs coming home from Kansas. We are so glad to have him back with us! Zane also started t-ball! Boy did that keep us on our toes!
April was a good month! I took my best friend to Asheville for the weekend and we met up with 3 of my favorite bloggers! I can't wait for us to plan another trip!
In May we attended a beautiful southern wedding and our little man turned 5!

June we celebrated Father's day at the beach. We also got to see my cousin that was living in Kansas at the time.
We celebrated my birthday at the beach with my best friend in July!
August was our biggest adventure this year. We went to a friend's wedding in Pennsylvania and the ventured from there to New York City, the Outerbanks, then to Boone, NC! It was a fabulous vacation! Zane also started kindergarten! On my baby is growing up to fast!
In September, we beached it up with my blogger girl Pamela and her hubby! That was so much fun! We loved spending time with them!
My best friend and I became movie stars in October!

The hubby built us a fire pit in November! I love it! We've even used it to cook dinner!

December. Oh, December. You were one big train wreck but at the same time we enjoyed the family time!
The end of a good year. We relaxed and enjoyed every moment! I hope that 2014 has lots in store for us! I ready for a fresh new start! Bring it on 2014!


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