Thursday, January 09, 2014


 It was a regular time for us. Nothing outstanding happened and nothing really bad happened. I'm thankful for that. Some things are good to just be okay.
January we went on a hunt to find snow. That's what always happens this time of year in the south. When you don't get snow, you go looking for it in the mountains!

The hubs was still in Kansas working in February. So I mailed him a Valentine's day package with a gift to open for the next 7 days. He failed. He just opened them all at once. Also this sweet blog turned two years old!
March wasn't much of anything except the hubs coming home from Kansas. We are so glad to have him back with us! Zane also started t-ball! Boy did that keep us on our toes!
April was a good month! I took my best friend to Asheville for the weekend and we met up with 3 of my favorite bloggers! I can't wait for us to plan another trip!
In May we attended a beautiful southern wedding and our little man turned 5!

June we celebrated Father's day at the beach. We also got to see my cousin that was living in Kansas at the time.
We celebrated my birthday at the beach with my best friend in July!
August was our biggest adventure this year. We went to a friend's wedding in Pennsylvania and the ventured from there to New York City, the Outerbanks, then to Boone, NC! It was a fabulous vacation! Zane also started kindergarten! On my baby is growing up to fast!
In September, we beached it up with my blogger girl Pamela and her hubby! That was so much fun! We loved spending time with them!
My best friend and I became movie stars in October!

The hubby built us a fire pit in November! I love it! We've even used it to cook dinner!

December. Oh, December. You were one big train wreck but at the same time we enjoyed the family time!
The end of a good year. We relaxed and enjoyed every moment! I hope that 2014 has lots in store for us! I ready for a fresh new start! Bring it on 2014!


  1. Aww such a jam packed, exciting year for yall!! Love you!

  2. We need another blate this year! It has been too long!!

  3. You had such a fun filled year! This year will be even better bc we will finally meet up :)

  4. 2013 looks like a fun and adventurous year. Hope 2014 is even better!

  5. Zane is such a cutie and can't believe how much he's grown in a year!

  6. So jealous y’all found snow. Love your 2013 recap! Zane is growing too fast!


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