Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crisp air means Fall is here!

FINALLY fall is here to stay for a while! I have a love for all the seasons, but the in between seasons are my favorite because it's not too hot or not too cold outside! Both in between seasons are full of color as well! I love me some color! Colorful flowers in spring and colorful leaves in the fall!

Here in SC the last few weekends have been perfect weather! [despite this past week full of rain] Mid to Low 70's with clear skies! Ahhhh, yesssss! We, I mean I, had planned to stay home two weekends ago and hang around the house. My intentions were to get some cleaning done and not have much of anything to do. Well, with my family that doesn't go over well because we are always on the go. We ended up going four wheeling! Go figure! haha

We went with a friend that the hubs works with and his wife. We had a lot of fun! I had never been there before so it was a new experience for me. For Zane's birthday this passed year we got him his own side by side. He loves it! Well so does his Mama and Daddy too! I got to drive for a little while because Zane gets bored. Go figure! It's not a huge place like I am used to going. The places I go you never see the same spot more than twice unless you are going back to the parking lot.

There's also a good bit of red mud! I was glad it wasn't dusty though. I would rather do mud than dust! My lungs can't handle the dust cloud.
As we were riding around the trails having a good time: hubs in front, me and Zane in the middle, our friends in the back. Going up and down 'round each turn there was fun. I got into it and show out. I tried to throw up a little dirt and spin the rear end around. It all started with those famous words "Watch this Zane!"
Yep. That's what happens when you don't realize you have a shorter wheelbase and turn too sharp too fast! We both were safe. We had helmets and seat belts on. Once I checked on Zane and made sure he was okay, I hollered "STEVE!" He was not within 'hollering' distance. Luckily his friends were behind us and helped us get out. Zane unbuckled and got out easily. Me, not so much. My friend had to reach in and unbuckle me because my seat belt was locked in place holding me in. I was literally dangling by it. I finally crawled my big tail out and analyzed the situation. LAWD have mercy Steve is gonna kill me! He still hasn't come back at this point. A guy on a four wheeler stopped and checked on us and we told him if he saw a camo Teryx4 to come back. Ha!
We got the Rzr turned back over on all 4 before the hubs came back to us. He said "What the hell did you do?" I laughed and said I was sorry! I also realized that I was going to be so sore then next day! I hurt my knee and my stomach where the seat belt was pulled super tight! It was fun and I am glad that no one got hurt! Safety first y'all!
We have also been enjoying the fall weather by getting out and hitting the dirt roads and hiking trails. I won't go too far on a hike. Just a mile or two, maybe 4 if the hubs is lucky! haha! It just depends on the terrain too! Recently we went to Spoonauger Falls. It was pretty! We took our new beagle pup Ruger with us too!
Last weekend we went hammock camping with friends! Now that was an adventure! Sleeping in a hammock ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
We played UNO, walked our dogs and played with them, played in the fire, ate awesome steaks, and had a great breakfast the next morning! I was glad we only did it for one night though! haha!
Here's to more adventures this Fall!
Happy Fall Y'all!

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