Wednesday, September 02, 2015

It's Time for an Update Y'all!

Today I am thankful! Very Thankful! Thankful that I am able to do the things I want and enjoy life! I have always said I will live life to its fullest. That rings true more and more today now than it ever has! As I set new goals in life, I have to make time for those new things and sacrifice other things. My family and I have always been on the go and do all kinds of things. We have been very fortunate to do so!

The last time I posted was Jan. 26, 2015. I suppose it's time to get back up to speed! Well, I've been doing so much and not letting anything get in my way! We all know I love to go 4 wheeling and that is what I have done! (and then some!)

From four wheeling to getting a bad hair extension job, I've done it and seen so much and I will share about it all! (even that bad hair extension job!)

With all this coming and going that I have been doing I have lost touch with my blog, but that is all about to change. I know I have said that over and over but I miss it! I also miss the ones that I used to read. I plan to make time to blog and read blogs!
Stay tuned and be ready to have your socks knocked off! haha!
*not really, it just sounded good! So get ready y'all!


  1. I log on to Blogger weekly, hoping that you're doing okay and will post an update. So glad to see you again! I would have been a creeper on Facebook to keep updated. I'm so so glad everything is going well!!!

    1. Definitely look for me on Facebook! I am glad you missed me!


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