Friday, April 08, 2011

Google Image Game

The rules are to read the questions and then go to Google, do a search of images, and post the best image you see on the first page of images for these ten things. It is a fun way to get to know more about each other.
Favorite Drink:


Favorite TV Show:
MTV's The Real World is and always will be my fav! Two fav seasons are San Diego and Austin!
(Sydney and Brooklyn are up there!)

My Occupation:
Administrative Assistant
My First Car:
1991 hatchback Mustang
Favorite Dish:
Celebrity I've Been Told I Resemble:
I'm a plain ole girl, that only resembles my family & they ain't famous!
Celebrity Crush:
Galen Gering (ever since his debut on Passions!)
Favorite Childhood Toy:
Easy Bake Oven! (they just don't make toys like they used to!)
Any Random Picture:
I made this and will work on more! :)

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