Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Potty Training Update

Potty Training has went so well! So far so good that I'm hoping that I will not have to purchase anymore dang diapers unless they are for someone else! [and not in my family either]

My previous posting HERE shows you where we getting it started. We've only had a few accidents but thank goodness they have all been at home! Everytime we are in Wally World or out for the day I constantly ask "Do you need to go the the potty?" and sometimes I just go by the restroom and take him to try with no questions asked. It's worked great! The #2 issue we've got it all figured out! All he needed was a book to look at while he sits on the 'little potty' and close the door to give him his privacy and he's golden! He will hollar and tell you he is done! {who knew a toddler needed privacy?!} Whatever works is what I say!
For those of you looking to embark on this journey, do not get discouraged! Keep trying, stay consistant, & good luck!

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