Thursday, June 02, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

Right now these are a big thing! I'm completely in love with them!

There are different variations of this idea that is taking women to a whole new look!
There are short & long ones, fat & skinny ones, and also come in any color you can imagine.
Salon Starter Kit: 50 Extra Long <em>Feather Extensions</em> w/ Tools7 Hot Colors with Grizzly Collection <em>Feather</em> Hair <em>Extensions</em>
You can make them look as natural as you want or a dramatic as you want.
I have a few pink & purple ones in that I put in myself with a bit of the hubby's help! It's very easy! All you need is Micro Beads and pliers! You can get micro beads from a beauty supply store or if you order your extensions online most of the time they will send a few. {but make sure that it says so in the description}
I ordered mine from eBay, but they can be found all over the internet. [Etsy, Amazon, Artfire, etc.]

This is the set I just purchased from Plumule on!
Neon Party / 6 PCS / Feather Hair Extensions / Rooster Saddle


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