Wednesday, September 28, 2011

M.I.A. & Photo Phone Dump

Sorry I have been Missing In Action for the past few days. Work has kept me tied up!
 I have been keeping up with taking pictures weekly of things we do. So here is my second photo dump.

  1. Brasstown Falls- This is a beautiful place to have a miniature hike to.
  2. Zane is now in love with Trio blocks. We built this Police Station!
  3. Happy Fall Y'all! Last week was the first of Fall and I put out a good bit of Fall decor!
  4. Saturday we went to Target and Zane found this Mohawk hat! Cute!
  5. We also went to Old Navy! We found Z a halloween costume! Rawr!
  6. This is how he posed so that I could get a picture of his wings and tail! lol
  7. Sunday we played with the horses at my Mom's house. Z loves to touch them.
  8. I planted some mums for fall!
Have you done any fall decorating? If so, share with me!


  1. Thanks! He asks to wear it everyday but I won't let him! :)


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