Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What I Love Wednesday! - Google Got Me


So, yes, Google messed with my mind today. Somehow this screen came up... I honestly do not know how I did it or what I clicked on. I was actually on until it froze my computer up.

So it intrigued me. I typed in the search bar; God.

 Well, after what I saw (shown below), I closed my eyes at my desk and Prayed. I told God that I give him all of me. Every last bit. My heart. My Soul. My Flesh. I asked him to guide me and push me through what he knows will be right for me and my family. I love God and I have always believed in him. I sometimes give up or didn't even bother. I do not live a holy life, I never have. I didn't grow up in a church all my life nor did I have the best examples to learn from. I want to be a better person. A Godly person. To set an example for my son and many others. I believe. I believe in Him. I believe he can show me the way.

I know that this Google thing is a coincidence, but I also believe it's a sign. A sign that I need to get my life in the right direction. I believe everything happens for a reason. This happened for a reason. God wanted me to know the direction to go towards.


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