Friday, November 18, 2011

Barely TwiHard

So yeah, at the beginning of this series when it was all the hype to read the books. I thought this was some dumb vampire story, and those just creep me out! I made fun of all the girls that I worked with at the time because they would bring in their Twilight books and read them in their spare time. It was until the first one came out on DVD that they had finally convinced me to watch it. So I borrowed it from a co-worker and went home and watched it. At first it was a slow start. I kept thinking to myself, maybe I should fast forward a bit, maybe if I keep watching something will interest me.

Once, I finished watching the whole movie, I was sitting there with tears and longing for the chance to find out what happens next! Well that day is what started my love for vampires! Hehe This story really touched me like it had millions of other people in the world! I was HOOKED! LINE AND SINKER!

That following Christmas the hubs got me the books! It took me about 2 months to read all of them, but with one exception. I have not read the last two chapters of Breaking Dawn. I want to watch the movie before I know how it all ends. I did go to the midnight showings of New Moon and Eclipse. I did not go to the midnight showing this time for Breaking Dawn Part 1. The reason behind this is, there are too many screaming girls every time Jacob is on screen. It's very annoying! Yes, I know he has a hot body and all but dang, I would like to hear what he has to say! No lie during the whole entire movie that is all you heard! So lesson learned. No more midnight showings for this girl!

I wouldn't say that I am a die hard "TwiHard" but I love this series! This also lead me into my LOVE for Vampire Diaries, which I would say I love more than Twilight. Are you apart of the Twilight bandwagon?

Am I crazy for not reading the last two chapters?
Do you think I will regret not reading it first?

Tomorrow the hubs and I have a date with my best friend and her hubby to see Breaking Dawn Part 1! I am totally excited! I will let you know what I think?

Here is the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 1:

TGIF Ya'll!

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