Thursday, November 17, 2011

"It's OK" Thursday #7

Good Morning Y'all! I am starting to feel a bit under the weather. It's been working its way up since the weekend. I feeling bad, weak, and coughing my head off. Mucinex has become my friend and were trying to work things out here. In the mean time, enjoy some "It's Ok" Thursday! Go link up at Brunch with Amber!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that Zane and I are feeling yucky...cough and runny nose. I just hope it's gone by Thanksgiving! have Thanksgiving at my house! We are excited! want to lay my head on my desk and go to sleep.

...that I haven't bought anything for our dinners! What a shame!

...that there is a bowl left over from yesterday's lunch still sitting on my desk. I'll get it in a minute. Ha! be lazy sometimes, but that sometimes can't turn into most of the time, because then you will have quite the mess to clean up later! go to a friends house and take pictures for their Christmas card, even if you have not even thought about starting to work on your own. still want to go back to sleep! I feel like rot! look at blogs all day long, I do every now and then! Somehow still manage to get my work done! wish I was wrapped up in a leopard print snuggie on my couch sipping on Cranberry Sierra Mist and watching non-stop Christmas movies!

...that this Twilight premier, I will not be at the midnight showing. I have learned my lesson! Too many screaming youngins! ha! I can't wait though! My bestest and her hubby are double dating with me and my hubs to go see it!

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  1. Such a fun post! Let me tell you I look at blogs all day and I still have very productive days- I don't know how I do it but it works! Have a great day!

  2. My mom & I haven't bought anything for Thanksgiving dinner either! We plan to do this when I come home today for T-giving break from college! I am looking forward to lots of yummy food! I'm a new follower from Neely's link up

  3. I read blogs all day at works sometimes, oops! I still try to get my work done though! This will be the first one I'm not seeing at Midnight and I'm kind of sad about it! It's okay, it won't be as crowded!

  4. I read blogs all day work too! ha Can't help it! Sometimes it's good to have that break!!

  5. Thanks Beth McC.!

    Welcome Emily! We hope you stick around! I do dread the shopping part for get all the food we need!

    Allison- I know that the crowd won't be as bad and I will be happy about that for sure!

    Pamela- It is good to have a break every so often!


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