Monday, January 30, 2012

Fabulous Valentine Challenge - Day 1

Sorry I went MIA last week! I just was in a blog funk! I am back this week with some fun! I am linking up with the girls that hosting the Fabulous Valentine Challenge!

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Day {ONE}  - Best Date Ever

My best date ever?!? Hmm....that's a hard one! Why? Because my hubby is not the romance kind of guy. He didn't "woo" me or "reel me in" with any suave type stuff. Our first date was memorable, if you call McD's a date! lol But our best date would have to be the date he took me on Valentine's Weekend of 2005! We went to a Japanese Steak house with another couple. It was really nice. I even liked when the cook made the rice into the shape of a heart! Aww! Okay, stop all the gushy stuff! *skerrrttt*

Let's rewind to before the date! I was still living at home with my parents at the time. So I was getting ready at home and Steve was picking me up there. Well, when he got there he was acting all strange. I mean really strange, like he couldn't make eye contact with me or my parents, he would hug me or anything. I thought something bad was wrong. When I asked, he said nothing was wrong. So I continued to finish getting ready. My parents stepped out to go to the store because they were staying in to watch movies. So I was finished getting ready and I was walking out of the bathroom, barely making it to the kitchen. When he grabbed me and hugged me. I was confused. I kept asking "what is up with you?!" He sunk down on one knee, shaking like a leaf on a tree, and asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES! I don't have any pics of this taking place! Sad I know but it was nice that we were all alone. My parents came back just in time and we told them what has just happened! They knew he was going to propose but they didn't know when or how. So it was a surprise for them too! This April we will be together for 10 years and married 6! CRAZY! But I love him!


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 Valentine’s Day Challenge



  1. That is sweet :-) I think those guys that aren't very romantic (My husband included) make these moments SO special when they actually are romantic :-)

  2. Well that's DEFINITELY a good date!!

    Thanks for linking up with us for the Valentine's Challenge!


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