Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey Y'all! Friday has finally arrived!

I figured I'd post a random picture of myself since I don't make an appearance very often!
I am posting today to finally tell you about the newest addition to our family! Last Friday we let Zane pick out a puppy to have at home. A friend of mine had several Chihuahua puppies she was trying to find homes for, so the hubby allowed us to have one! Boy, was I Zane excited! So that Friday after work, we met over at my friend's house and we let Zane pick the one he wanted. He picked a sweet one for sure!

Please meet...

She just turned 8 weeks old Wednesday. She is SO tiny! I swear she is smaller than a 20 oz bottle! Zane loves her but isn't too sure about the clean up and care for her quite yet. I hope that this will teach him a little responsibility and have a little fun growing up with a dog too. So far, she's done well with training but we will see in a month or so how my opinion changes! I will definitely keep you posted! We are glad to have her!

This is the Hubs, drooling gazing at this blue beaut and wishing it was in his possession! His 30th birthday is coming up and I have been teasing him that he is an old man! I told him that old people don't ride four wheelers or side by sides! haha! I really wish that he could have a toy like this one day!

Finally, the Lil Man! He loves to wear sunglasses! He was posing and jumping all over the place the day I took this! I love my WILD MEN! lol

Y'all have a GREAT Weekend!!!


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