Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm In!

Okay, I know, I'm a link-up loser! But Hey, I'm keeping up with my posts and not slacking like I normally do! So, Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup is holding a link-up. NO RULES, just post anything! Okay! I can DEF. do that! Here we go:

Alright, I admit, I am going to have a vent session here. About what you might ask? My kids daycare. Ugh! I could really teach them a thing or two every now and then. They frustrate me every so often that sometimes I blow my top. Today's instance, Valentine's Day! Well y'all know that most kids have a V-day party and bring valentines to share with one another and they normally ask you to bring enough for your kids class, usually around 12-24. Right? Ha! Not them! They asked me to bring in 50 freakin valentines! That's enough to cover every kid at this daycare! Really?! 50 valentines? You've got to be kidding me? So I asked the owner's daughter just in case I miss read the letter or it was miss printed. Nope, she made it clear that I would still have to bring in 50 valentines for each kid. OMG! PAUSE. Let me get this clear, I do not mind bringing in 50 valentines. I actually love to get creative with this kid of stuff! I love to see my creations put a smile on kids faces. What I don't mind is that the owner's daughter reminded me that there are less fortunate kids that go to this daycare. What she meant by this was that there are parents that bring their kids to this daycare that don't work or have low income. I understand that, and I understood that when I enrolled my child in this daycare. But what I cannot understand is they requested ALL parents to bring in 50 valentines, not just some. Not including party supplies and goodies. I know for a fact that I spent over $20 on getting 50 valentines. So why not help parents out by asking to bring enough for just their kids class? Am I being a royal biotch here or am I being legit? Do I have a right to get upset about this?




  1. Happy Valentine's Day. I cannot believe that you had to bring 50 Valentine's! That is ridiculous and I would not be happy. So I completely understand where you are coming from. xo


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