Thursday, February 16, 2012

"It's OK" Thursday #15

"It's Ok" Thursday! Go link up with Amber!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

that my hubby and I bought the said four seat side by side I talked about in the It's Thursday #13 post!

to be working a a sewing project that I honestly haven't touched in a week!

that I have started working on somethings that will possibly change my life. I will enlighten you when it's finalized!

to dream of a girls trip to plan very soon! Can't decide between Charleston, Asheville, or Gatlinburg!

that this is all I have this week! I'm sorry, but I am working on another post for today that will bring you up to speed at what I have been doing lately! Since my tail did link-up posts for like ever! lol Hey, they were fun and I loved them!
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  1. I'm partial to Asheville :-) I lived there for 4 years and miss it so bad! Although Charleston is amazing, too!

  2. Have a wonderful Thursday! I think working on things that are life changing is DEFINITELY a good thing!

    (Also, Charleston... if you're taking votes :-))


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