Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have a confession to make...

Hi. My name is Annabelle and I'm addicted to Reality Television.
Is there a cure? DO. NOT. UNPLUG. MY. T.V.!

Yeah, I admit it, my DVR is slap full of reality shows.

When Brooke included in this post to watch her friend Chelsea on Survivor, I had no clue I'd get hooked! Oh, but I am! This is the only reality show that the Hubs will watch with me other than the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. He likes the competition parts of the show. I like the stratdegy side of it.

 I am all for Chelsea and Kim! They make a great team! I hope they stay at the top! They have made some great decisions along the way!

Before he had to leave due to appendicitis, Colton was the diva of the island. I'm glad him and his devilish ways are gone. #dramaqueen

Southern Nights is almost like a CMT version of Real World. I love me some real world! The cast is made up of members from Sweet Home Alabama. If you have watched SHA, you really won't know any of the cast.

I really cannot stand Landon "Tex", he is so cocky and conceided.

Courtney is my favorite. She doesn't get too invovled with the drama but likes to speak her mind and habe a good time!

I love watching this group of roomates try to get along, have fun, and grow while in Savannah, GA. Savannah doesn't seem to welcome them with arms wide open either.

These girls are crazy! I love to see them try to get together even though some have beef with one another. I catch myself talking out loud trying to tell them what to do.

(from left to right) Anna owns bulls in the PBR, Brooke is a barrel racer, Hannah is an aspiring model, and Ali is a rising country music singer. They were stuck like glue at one time but now things have changed. Brooke and Hannah cannot seem to get along. I cannot say that I like one more than the other, because all of these girls have a piece of my heart.

Based on the book Good Christian Bitches, GCB is a funny, sassy and heartwarming drama! It isn't a reality show but it is most definetely my new favorite!

Funny GCB Ecard: I like gossiping with you because it's the only time I know you're not gossiping about me.

Are you a reality junkie?



  1. My favoite reality show is Big Brother that comes on every summr. LOVE IT

  2. LOOOOVE GCB & Texas Women!! I watched a little bit of Southern Nights Saturday night!

  3. Girl! I'm a reality TV junkie too! My 17 year old like Gossip Girl & Pretty Little Liar and my husand says those shows all run together after a while. He thinks he's funny and asks if I'm watching "Real Pretty Little Gossip Girls Say Yes to the Dress!" I haven't watched Survivor in years but I do like the Amazing Race. I love Sweet Home Alabama AND Southern Nights. Good Lord, Landon/Tex is an ass! All he's concerned about is hooking up; quite a 180 from Sweet Home Alabama where he was SO concerned about finding a wife/mother for his little girl. Such a creep! I also like GCB. Had no idea it was based on a book; I'll have to check it out. Isn't Kristen Chenowith just the cutest???

  4. We watch Southern Nights, but honestly I'm kinda getting tired of it because ALL they do is go out!! But I do love Courtney and Tristan/Cody. They are so cute!!


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