Thursday, April 19, 2012

"It's OK" Thursday #22

Let's all do a happy dance
because we are one day away from FRIDAY!!! 
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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

that I toss up the idea of getting another car, but then I talk myself out of it.

to hate doing laundry. It might would be better if I did not let it all pile up! Maybe I should do a load of laundry a day, or so my Moma says.

that I am getting up earlier in the mornings so that I can spend some time with the Hubs before he goes to sleep.

to participate in lots of link-ups. I like doing them! They're fun!

that I take pictures directly from instagram on my phone! I ♥ it!

that I get aggravated with the way things go sometimes.
I need to remember that I can't always get my way. #imabrat

that last night was the first time in two months that I mopped my floors! Shame on me!

that I like some of my blog friends WAY better than some my friends in real life!

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  1. Oh gosh, I am the SAME EXACT way with laundry!! I hate it!! I just told B that I need to figure out a system (like a load a day, like you said!)! I absolutely haaate folding laundry!

  2. OH I cannot stand laundry. We're literally running out of clothing at this point. Haven't touch the washer and drier in over a month! :-( I hate doing it. I wish I could just throw away the dirty clothing and buy new ones :-D

    ANDDDD I totally like some of my blog friends better then I like my real life friends :-D

  3. Hey Brat!! lol I'm a brat too and I'm doing the happy dance as we speak!! I hate laundry and am very thankful to have teenagers to do it for me! :>) Have a wonderful evening!!

  4. OOoh how i hate doing laundry!!!

  5. I love this post. I totally feel you on the car mine is 4 years old and reached 100,000miles but trying to tell myself that it has another 100,000 to go.
    I HATE HATE HATE to mop!
    HAve a great weekend love


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