Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Review, a Recipe, & Other Randoms

The Hubs says that I am full of random. That's just me. That's who I am. We can be riding down an interstate and I will come up with the most random thoughts or questions. For example, I will read a billboard about adoption. I will then ask the Hubs, "What do you think about adoption?", "Would you ever want to adopt?" or the time that I asked him to get a tattoo with me just because. (he hates tattoos) My mind wonders a lot, it's okay, I am completely normal! Okay, maybe not, but I am like to think that I am normal. Let me believe that please!

e.l.f. Review:
I got me some e.l.f. goodies! I LOVE the Eyelid Primer I got! It's now a must have! The Eye Color, 2001 Butternut, it's not what I expected. I was honestly disappointed. The lighted shade and large amount of glitter in it and I found pieces of it on Zane by the end of the day. The brush I got, I love! I use it everyday to blend my eye shadows!

Pinterest Recipe:

This is really easy! Get a can of Cinnamon Rolls, put them in your waffle maker and voila! Once you get them out, drizzle your icing on top and serve! Easy Peasy! We used regular size cinnamon rolls, but I would recommend using the large "Grands" cinnamon rolls. I will be trying the "Grands Cinnabon" kind this weekend!

Fabric Flower:
My best friend taught me how to make this fabric flower! So easy! I am so proud of her for catching the "craft bug"!

Bath & Body Works can be addicting. Five bottles in my shower right now. A girl has to have options! ha!
 I just recently got the Pink Chiffon. I am in love with it and Paris Amore! In the fall and winter I love Sensual Amber. That Figi Passion Fruit stuff, not too crazy about it, but I am using it and it's almost gone!


We visited a friend on Sunday and he has two cute pets!
Meet our friends Earl the miniature donkey & Lucy the goat! Zane loves animals!

Are you as random as I am? Or is it just me? ha!



  1. I love your randomness! And my comment will be random - I LOVE elf brushes too! And OH YUM that cinnamon roll! And that flower is adorable, you should post a tutorial, or get your friend to help!

  2. Oh my gosh, LOVE that flower!!

  3. I think Random is the new Normal. I feel like my life is random.
    I love e.l.f brushes they are a great price and feels like the expensive few that I have should of tried elf first. I am now wanting that cinamon waffle great recipe I will def have to try it so easy and know the kids will love it. HOw fun visiting those cute animals. Have a great week love

  4. lol I am so random!! I actually did decide one day I want a tattoo of a dandelion so I went the next day without a thought and got this huge one! I was so proud of it until the following weekend my girlfriend saw it on facebook and messaged me " Is that a weed on your back?" I about fainted!! lol lol I never thought of it that way! oh well.....


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