Friday, April 13, 2012

Products I've Come to Love

Before you read the original post here, there's something I need to tell you! Come closer! Closer....Closer.....just a little more.....there that's good! Yesterday was my 200th POST!!!! YAY GO ME! Ha! Ha! Okay, I'm done! Continue on....

I love reading about what products you like and don't like, so I thought I would share my own. I don't have a big "getting ready" routine. Imma simple kind of girl. {for the most part}
Here are some products that I am really into right now and some not so much.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear

You can't tell me that you have perfect skin and never get break-outs! If I get stressed out kind of like I have the past two weeks, I break-out! Eww gross, I know! But fear not my fine ladies! During Easter weekend, we ran into Wally World to grab a few things and I picked up this beaut for less than $7 smackers! That evening I washed my face and dabbed some on the problem spots. The next morning, almost all of the break-out spots were gone! It is a very small bottle but it doesn't take much to dab a little spot with some of this magic potion!

Suave Dry Shampoo

I hate having to wash my hair EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I try to go every other day at least. My hair usually goes into a ponytail the "other" day. Well, now, it doesn't have to go into a ponytail. This stuff does what it's supposed to do! I paid $2.99 for this. Thank you Suave!

TRESemme' 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray

This hairspray did nothing for me. No hold to it at all. It gave me body for about 24 minutes...not hours! The smell, too much. Girlfriend, don't waste your $4 bucks on this!

P.S. I am looking for a good clear, top coat nail polish that is super shiny. If you know of one that doesn't crack easily or get air bubbles, clue a sista in please! ;) Love y'all and have a great weekend!

*All opinions are 100% mine. I was not compensated to share my opinions.


  1. I'm using a pricey dry shampoo and I don't think it works all that great. I'm totally gonna check out the Suave now!! Thanks!! :)

  2. I am going to have to give that finishing spray a try. xo

  3. Hey girl just a FYI I nominated you for the Liebster blog award! You ae linked to my blog

  4. Oh I love a good product recommendation...thanks for sharing these! And if you find a top coat you like, please share! I'm looking for one too!


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