Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes & Always #2

Today is my second time linking up with Megan at Mackey Madness! I think I am going to try to be consistent with this!

Sometimes: I just want to go out and buy another car that is more fuel efficient and actually runs.
Always: I love my car that I have.

Sometimes: I pretend to work.
Always: End up finding something to do that is work related.

Sometimes: I walk and break a sweat on my lunch break.
Always: Find a reason to get out of it.

Sometimes: I like to look at Old Navy and add things to my cart.
Always: Never make the purchase.

Sometimes: I try to go to sleep early to get up early.
Always: I end up waking up with just enough time to barely get out the door.

Sometimes: I get stuck driving the Hubs truck.
Always: I'm thankful but I hate driving it! (it's a manual)

Click on Megan's button below and check it out! She is such a sweet heart!



  1. I do the exact same thing with Old Navy online. I do not do this with any other website but Old Navy and tend to find myself doing the same thing in the store. xo

  2. I think that anyone who loves Old Navy does the same thing with the cart! It's a past time.

    I also look at more fuel efficient cars as well. But... I just got a new car, and I love it.


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