Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Blogging Mistakes

Are you making any of these blogging blunders? 5 little things that could be big things. I hope this helps you. Would love to hear what you think are the biggest blogging blunders. Here are my top 5:

How do I know you’re not really a Canadian man? Or a spammer? Adding your photo to your profile or somewhere on your bio where it can be seen is another step in telling your readers that you’re real. In a world when 1:4 blogs is manned by a robot, we want to see your smiling face.

If you start each post with, “I am so sorry, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, but I promise I will post more regularly…” then we don’t hear from you? You’ve lost us. I admit that I have been guilty of this myself. It will now come to a halt. You're welcome!

You don’t have to be a white-hat grammarista to have a well-written blog. But do run spell check and read over your post before hitting publish. Even if I publish it I sometimes will read over it. If i find a mistake I fix it instantly.

Fergoodnesssakes, if your blog plays music when I arrive, I’m leaving. I haven’t even had a chance to know what you have to say because you’ve just scared me with unexpected noise. Once upon a time this was new and trendy and very few blogs did it, but what happens when everyone can? The blogosphere becomes a noisy, startling, annoying place. Lose the music. Yesterday.

A blog isn’t a one-way street. Allow your readers to engage and respond even if they disagree. Do you have a captcha or word verification on your comments? Why? The purpose of word verification is to limit and filter the number of comments. As a reader, if I see the word verification, I honor her choice to limit feedback and I do not comment. If you prefer comments and open communication, make it easy.

These are 5 very basic things you can do to improve your blog. Easy enough, right?
Share some of your blogging peeves with me!

Happy blogging!



  1. I love this!!! I thought for sure it was just me that gets so bothered by a blog never having pictures. Personally I love getting to know someone through their blog and this whole being secretive business isn't my cup of tea.

  2. I agree with all of these, especially sharing photos of yourself and your life! I love getting to know people! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh, it is a sin to have that dang word verification on your comments!

  4. lol lol lol..... Ok girl these are all good but my favorite ones are the automatic music! I'm with you on that one! Isn't the whole point of writing a blog is for someone to read and enjoy it? How the hell can you read it when music is playing in the background?? I don't even try!!Bye Bye blogger... I love to be able to put a face to the name! So yes very very important to post pictures! You and I are very good at that lol lol.... Spell check I would die without that one. I'm a horrible speller!

  5. I like this and think that pictures make you feel more connected to that blogger. I often feel more connected to my blogger friends then a few peeps in my real life. I also find m yself just a talking away saying my friend So&So and my family or firend is like who? I just connected.


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