Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One for the Books

Thanks for all the birthday wishes to Zane yesterday! Love y'all! You're all so kind!

Here's another fabulous Memorial Day weekend to go down in the books! We enjoyed our little vacay at our Surfside residence! We were there for 4 days and enjoyed every last minute, except the coming out both ends day. Eww!

Our trip was laid back and relaxing! Thursday evening we hit the road. Friday we chilled on the beach until rain showers hit and then we we out to dinner and to the Bass Pro Shop. Saturday Z woke up about 5am literally coming out both ends. The only time I left the house was to get Pediasure him and Krispy Kreme for the hubs and I. Finally around 5 or so we were done drowning in Lysol and he was showing signs of feeling much better. So we attempted to go to dinner and had some awesome shrimp! The hubs and I down two pounds! Z never got sick again thank goodness! We had a reservation to take him to the Pirates Voyage show in Myrtle Beach on Saturday. Luckily they were nice enough to postpone it to Sunday. So Sunday we hit the beach and stayed until time to shower and get ready to head over to MB. We had some extra time and we stopped at the Mall and I got a cute purse! Zane got a Hexbug. (a remote controlled robot bug) He also got to do the Euro Jump at the mall. He loved that! We all enjoyed the Pirates Voyage show! If you ever get the chance to see it, you won't regret it! Monday was sad. We had to clean, pack, and drive home. We had a great trip and can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds for us!

Thanks instagram for being there for us! ha!




  1. I'm so sorry Zane was sick! I'm glad he's finally feeling better and was able to enjoy some time at the beach! :) & trips to MB are never complete without Krispy Kreme! :)

  2. That purse is amazing! Where did you get it? What's the brand? I am freak about purses.

    1. It's a SakRoots bag. We found it a Belk's. I love purses too. I usually turn to Vera Bradley, but this one is great because if it gets dirty I can wipe it right off.


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