Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Story: Part 5 - The Reception

My mom made the centerpieces above for all the tables inside the pavilion.
It's made of paper and skinny ribbon!

The Food-
We had a ham and roast beef carving station with breads and dips. Fruit, veggies, cheese and cake galore!

The Cake-
(dun dun dun) Ugh. Makes me a bit upset when I see it. It was NOT what I wanted at all! This look like something from an 1980's wedding. First of all, Steve's Aunt made it. She knows that I did not like it. It was supposed to be WHITE not off white/ivory! I wanted it all to be square and stacked one upon the other, no pillars in between or anything. It cost us a whole $70. You get what you pay for. I appreciate the gesture that it was her idea to make our cake, but lesson learned that I won't depend on family for big important things. I will stick to the pros.

Cake Smooshing- (or that's what I call it anyway)
These few pictures do not do this moment justice! I ended up with cake and icing all over my chest, down inbetween my boobs, in my ear, my hair, etc! Too much Steve! ha! It was funny! I should have got him first!

Our first Dance-
(all together now "Aww") We danced to Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
Now this song was fresh and new at the time and it fit the moment. Now, I think it is a pretty common wedding song.

Daddy Daughter Dance- I was not expecting this to happen. During the whole planning process my Dad told me that he did not feel comfortable dancing in front of a crowd of people. He just doesn't like to the center of attention. So I told him to think real hard and be for sure and I would be happy with whatever he decided to do. I did not even plan a song. My wedding director revived herself by convincing my Dad to dance with me. To Butterfly Kisses. How original. But I boo hoo-ed my way through the whole thing because my Daddy sucked  it up and danced with me. Swoon!

Dancing and Socializing-
We danced, thanked our friends and family for coming, danced, and danced some more! My mom requested "It's getting hot in here" by Nelly. Oh no she didn't! Oh YES she did! She even made Steve dance with her!


Steve talking with Corey and our neighbor Scotty.

This is some of Steve's good friends. Clay, Zack, him, Andrew, & Chris.

Then in a FLASH it was all over. It went by soooo fast! Onward to the next big moments in our lives!



  1. I love reading all your weddind post. My sister n law is getting married july st and yal have the same colors. I got as little teary reading that your dad did infact dance with his girl. So sweet

  2. I LOVE your colors!! Seems like the perfect wedding. Not too over the top, not small. Just perfect.

    1. Thanks! Our original plan was to elope but to take immediate family to witness. My parents would not have it that way. I guess I got lucky!

  3. Oh my goodness how cute! I love your dress! xo


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