Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Our Wedding: Part 2 - Bachelorette Party

Y'all, my bachelorette party was not the least ordinary. I wanted something small and that is what I got! My cousin asked if she could put it together. All I did was give her a few names and she took it from there.
I invited my three closest friends, my mother, and my soon to be mother in law! Yes, I said my MOTHER & my soon to be MOTHER IN LAW!!! My cousin rented a minivan for us all to ride in. It was a hotmess! I am disappointed that these few pictures you are about to see are the ONLY ones minus some dirty ones that I got from this night.

Before we left for dinner she made all of us wear name tags, not just an name tags, but ones with funny nicknames! Mine wasn't as original, Blushing Bride, but the others were funny! There was Tootsie, Sexy Moma, Nurse Feel Good, Big Booty Judy, Sugar Britches, Double D's. My cousin took us to a place in downtown Greenville, SC. I don't remember the name of the place but I do remember that they would not start playing music until 10pm! Who does that? We walked around downtown bar hopping along the way and decided that downtown Greenville was not for us that night. We drove back close to home and ended up at a bar called The Cadillac Ranch. (sad to say it burned down a few years ago) This was OUR place. This is where I spent most of my single life and part of my dating life on the weekends! Of course it turned our night around when we got there!

(you see these ladies eating in the minivan; we made a pit stop and got the munchies)

My MIL is not a shy woman. When she sees something she wants she goes after it! Just like so!

My lovely BFF---she will kill me for posting this pic for two reasons:
1) she has a cig in her hand and 2) she is standing next to the minivan! ha!

We shook our booties way into the night! Well until they made us leave at like 2am or so.

I had so many people bringing me drink after drink and money from every direction! I loved the treatment I got from everyone! By the end of the night I was so drunk I couldn't even look at the camera!



  1. ok, so i'm still laughing at a comment you made on another blog about having a brewski and relaxing (my life motto), and now add laughter from this post. love it!


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