Monday, May 07, 2012

Weekend with Mayonnaise

Happy Monday Morning Y'all!

The weekend went by too fast as always! I don't do Mondays too well. I push the snooze about 23987612 times and never want to roll up out of the bed. Friday was just a relaxing evening. We hung out at the neighbors and had dinner. We talked and talked on the front porch until 2am! Good times! Zane fell asleep by 11pm on their couch! It was cute! Saturday my mom and I spent the day together shopping and visiting local antique shops. This was our Mother's Day! It was nice for it to just be us.  Oh and that mayo, there is no other! Just FYI! I was facinated that they have it in little packets now.



 Of course I had to capture the super moon just like everyone else. That thing was too cool not to! Saturday evening Z and I were lazy and he fell asleep with his monster trucks on each side. The boy loves a good monster truck. He also is showing intrest in video games, my old nintendo ds. I think that he sees other kids at his daycare, and wants to see what it is all about. So he has been trying to play Mario Kart! haha Sunday we spent time with the Hubs and rode the Teryx with a friend. We got stuck and played in the creek! Zane loved that the most!

I that all of you had a great weekend as well! 



  1. It was overcast in Virginia so I never got to see the moon :( Looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend! So sad it's Monday already.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. The pics were great! I love Mario cart.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love the picture of Zane sleeping with hiis trucks!When our son was much younger we took him to Red Robin and you know how they hand out balloons? Well I went in his room to check up on him and he fell asleep with the string in his mouth and the ballon just floating in the air! It is the best picture ever! I'm going to have to dig it up to show you to really be able to get a visual! lol... Yes It probably was a little bit dangerous....

  4. Love that dress you are wearing in the pic!!


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