Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogging and Getting the Word Out

When I read this post the other day, it got the gears in my mind churning! (smell the smoke?)

HOLD THE PHONE! You need to check this girl out! Amanda is an awesome mother and she's photographer too! I enjoy seeing her pictures and that cute little girl she has! Her hubby likes to bow fish and that trips me out! I found her via Show & Tell vlog that Raven and Becky hosted a while back! Click on her button and check out her blog! Tell her I sent ya!

Okay so, I'm getting back on track here. I remember starting this blog not having a dang clue as to what I was doing or what my intentions were. You don't ever want to read my first post. It's horrible! Kinda sad if you ask me!

After about a year, I started getting the hang of it but still unsure about things. I know that blogs have no rules and you can do what you want with your blog. It is for you and about you after all!
So since reading that post yesterday I figured I would share my opinions about certains things that go on in this here blogland! Remember these are my opinions. Your's may be completely different and that is A OK!

(Preface: I do not know hardly anything about blogging like some of my blog friends do. Heck some bloggers I know do this for a living and I am proud of them!)
Buttons. I thought that buttons were just that. An icon type thing that sits on a blogger's side bar to let other readers know what you read or that you really like that persons blog! Kind of like getting your blog out there by the word of mouth! Or I seem to think so. Some bloggers make money from this but I choose not to. If I like you, I like you and will show some love. I think that is what it's all about. Showing love to one another through our blogs. Yeah now I sound like some hippie chick, I'm okay with that. Ha! Peace Love and unicorns baby!

Anywho, Next thing: Social Networking. Well I've got a personal Facebook and a FB for my Blog. I want to keep them seperate, because they are. I have just recently started a Twitter account. Reason is, this chick threatened that if I didn't she's come to my house and beat me up. Balls I tell ya...Balls! I am so kidding! She did convince me to start a Twitter account and it is a great way to connect more with my blog friends!

My best advice to any new blogger is be yourself! Don't make yourself something you're not. Share the good times and the bad times and all that inbetween. Sometimes, you'll be boring and other times you'll have the best post ever! Just like any woman, we're moody and our posts will show that too! As long as you let it! If you have writers block that's ok! Participate in a link-up or don't post at all. I'm not saying you have to do either/or. What I am saying is you don't have to post every single say, but at least try your best to stay consistant. It was hard for me at first but once I got in the habit, hell habit? I'm freakin' addicted now! #nointerventionneeded

Another way you can get followers or make friends through your blog is to comment on other blogs. If a blog you are reading or following has some jam up post and you want to express your love or your opinion, like Nike says; "Just Do It!" The more you interact, the more you put yourself out there. And while you're add it, make sure if you comment on blogs that you have enabled an email address on you blog that way they can respond to you! If you need help with this let me know, I'd be glad to! Bloggers from all around appreciate this! They want to talk to their commenters!

With all this jibbering, I just want to blog and if you want to read it, I LOVE YOU! We're all friends here and I have some pretty darn good ones from having a blog to prove it! So newbies don't get discouraged, stick with it and have fun! Keep it real sistas! Annabelle-Out.


  1. Love you! And love this list :) I do sponsor swaps for free bc I'm not interested in paying for ppl to read my blog. Just my opinion. Right now I'm just concerned with making real connections (ie, like with you!), then having a gazillion followers.

  2. Annabelle, this is awesome! Thank you so much! Every blogger should be like you and your hippie ways. lol


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