Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Ok Thursday #29

One more day until Friday and it's gonna be a HOT one!

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It's OK...

that I went to the gym and only got about an hour in. Every little bit counts!

to have made a twitter account just to talk to my blog friends more frequently!
Find me:@annabelletccg #shamlessplug

that I will be camping this weekend in the freakin' heat! With no running water or power mind you!

I will survive because we have a holding tank for water and a power generator for the camper so that I have AC!

that I have signed up for the Color Run in Charlotte! I will get to the finishline walking or crawling, but not running. That's for sure!

to wish that my IRL BFF would hurry up and decide that yes, she will be coming along with me for this 5k!

that my phone or me was being stupid and tweeted Raven on twitter about not being pregnant instead of sending it to someone via text! Sorry Raven!

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 What's okay with y'all today?

I am so thankful that we are fortunate enough to get out of the house and ride around doing absolutely nothing but riding and site seeing! Oh and eating good chocolate!

Then last night this happened. Two seperate events! Watching the Hubs wear Aviators that Marlboro sent me for my birthday! Ha! Yes, when I smoked I was on their mailing list! Don't hate, they sent good coupons! Like $3 off one pack good! But I can officially say that I have been smoke free for almost 2 years! I also went to the gym last night! I have seen the saying on pinterest "You have to sweat like a Pig to look like a Fox!" I hate to say it, but I have a LONG way to go if I want to look like a fox! I am comfortable in my own skin, but I just want to be a bit skinny!

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  1. I following you on Twitter now, yayyy!

  2. oh man, I'm dreading the 100+ temps for this weekend and I'll probably be inside the entire time. you are one brave soul!

  3. I want to go camping! Can I bunk with you since you have AC!??? What's up with that Miss Diva!? Lol

  4. I found you via link up from today!

    I just love your blog and started following you on instagram and about to follow you on here and soon twitter so don't worry! :)

    Ramblings of a Brunette

  5. We will survive the heat this weekend together, somehow...someway! hehehe! And not just because I know you in real life as my fab-U-las neighbor & friend, but I think you are BEAUTIFUL person inside & out ( you have the most rockin' closet full of adorable clothes I WANT!!!) and I have confidence in you that your determination to feel even better about yourself with exercising & getting healthy WILL pay off! When you cross the finish line at the Color Run, you'll say " I KNOW I'M THE BOMB.COM"

  6. Ugh...I hate camping in the heat! That's when my husband always wants to go. WHY?!? Speaking of husband, I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned the aviators from Marlboro! My husband just got a money clip with his initials on it from Copenhagen for his birthday. He thinks he's so cool...

  7. It's okay that I don't have twitter or instagram, adn you'll forgive me anyways right?

    It's okay that my best friend lives in 2,300 miles away from me, because I spent my morning with her on skype.

    It's okay that it's Thursday because tomorrow is Friday!

  8. Same reason why I started with Twitter, blog friends! & It's definitely okay!

  9. ahh. laughing so hard about the tweet to Raven! I love her.

  10. you're still a fox, promise!! the best thing about fox's aren't their gorgeous fur, but their stealthniess, which is a QUALITY!! you'll get there! stick with it!!

    second off, i can't imagine camping in this heat. but thank god for that AC!


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