Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Less than 2 Weeks...

I will be turning the BIG 2-8 on July 7th that is in less than two weeks! All I really want to do is be with friends and family. Maybe a bonfire and sweet spirits. (as in drinks y'all!) Yes, y'all are all invited! Pack your cooler and Come on!

So the hubs asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I responded with a short list. Don't you snarl your nose up! I know you make a list too! Even if it is in your head and you don't share it with anyone! I share this because someone might read it and say "Hey, I wanna send this girl something!" (and if you are one of them email me and I will tell you where to send it! I KID!)

1) Apple Pie Moonshine 2) Skinnygirl White Peach Margarita & Pina Colada 3) Violet Love Penny Lane Headband 4) Yellow Box Leopard Aine

Is that too much to ask? I didn't think so! I mean, I could have asked for a diamond or something! ha!
Remember last year?


Well if you aren't excited about my birthday (which you should be), get excited about this! Starting July 7th, I will have several giveaways! If you want to know what these items will be, you will just have to wait until July 7th!!! No one gets presents until I do! haha! Yes, I'm am giving away gifts to my lovely readers on MY birthday! So get ready to celebrate! You can expect things like home decor, monograms, and all things girly coming your way!

Last night, I stepped out of my comfort zone! No way no how do I have an athletic bone in my body much less and ounce of run anything! I signed up for the Color Run in Charlotte, NC! OhMyGoodness! I cannot believe it! I have been contemplating this since the begining of the year and now there is NO TURNING BACK! #ihopeisurvive The best part is I get to meet some sweet blog friends that I have made in the past year: Mrs. Robinson, Pamela, Tamara, & a few others!
Charlotte Color Run



  1. You didn't tell me the 5k was the color run! I want to do that soo bad. And you wanna know the first thing I said when your blog popped up in my reader? "You've got to be sh$ttin me." Bc I too, am talking about Skinny Girl today. We seriously are long lost bfs. And email your address girl!

  2. That ring??? To DIE for!!!! A friend on mine just did a color run in Hartford and loved it. It looks like a crazy amount of fun!

  3. COlor Run... that looks like so much fun. I REALLY want to do a 5k. Maybe if I actually take training serious.

  4. I love Skinnygirl! New follower here!

  5. Haha that is a great bday list! I wish I had been able to do the color run in Chicago it looks like a great time!

  6. I wish they were doing the color run in Michigan it looks like so much fun!!! xo


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