Monday, July 02, 2012

Weekend ReCap!

Happy Monday Y'all!

I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend! I'm going to tell you all about mine right now!

First of all let's just say IT WAS FREAKIN HOT!

I mean hot as hades ALL weekend long! We had plans to go to an off road park for a friends birthday. And that's just what we did! We packed up the camper nad loaded the teryx and off we went! Once we got there and got everything set up, we hit the trails. I was already pouring sweat! As long as there was a breeze, I was content. Every now and then we would go into the camper to chill in the AC!

I guess this is our family photo from the weekend.
FYI- I always get stuck in the back. Zane complains everytime he is in the back.

This picture below was the Birthday Boy! The off road park that we went to designated this as his day! Chris May Day! They allowed him to make a guest list and everyone on it was allowed free entry and to camp all weekend! That was one heck of a birthday party if you ask me! Happy Birthday again Chris! ;)

Yes, that is a Papa John's Pizza Delivery sign on top!

 From cool early morning rides to late night humid rides. It was a riding kind of weekend. We rode until we felt like we would keel over from the heat and then we would go back to the camper and cool off again.
There were all kinds of rides and rigs there: Jeeps, Buggies, ATVs, Side by Sides, and I think I saw a dirt bike!

The girls! Oh was that ride interesting! Esp. with me driving! ha!

My diva neighbor says she had this for breakfast. What a heck of a weekend! I def. consumed my fair share of adult bevvies both nights! All in good fun!

Isn't this the cutest little hobo lookin kid you ever have seen?



  1. Looks like you had a blast! Those off road rides look like so much fun! You all know how to do it in SC!

  2. Jealous! Looks like you had a ton of fun! And your hobo son is so cute!

  3. Seriously, it looks like y'all have the funnest life. I bet those off road adventures are the freaking best!!

  4. Awww, yes, he's a pretty cute little hobo! ;-)


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