Monday, July 23, 2012

The Girl of Many Faces

Happy Monday my Fabulous Readers!

I have told y'all before that I like to take pictures of myself. I bet you do too, don't lie. The hubby hates it, he thinks it's silly. I do it for different reasons; I'm bored, wasting time or taking pics to send to others.

Since I didn't do anything this weekend other than pack and get things ready for our trip, I figured I would fill your Monday with the next best thing, ME! haha

So, enjoy the girl of many faces and smiles.

I will return tomorrow with better content, promise! Until then, make the most of Monday and enjoy seeing my perdy face!



  1. But what could be better than this? Hahaha! You'll be hard pressed to find better content! I love that you aren't afraid to share "yourself" with us because you are hilarious and awesome! Glad I found you in this blog world!

  2. Love all your pix girl! And yes, I survived the weekend....barely. One more day to go.

  3. haha. how could content get any better than these pictures?! ;)


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