Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Y'all

I'm starting to think that it's not just the fever. I think that it's right around the corner and I hope it's here to STAY! The weather has been freakin AWESOME this week! The change hasn't been the great for our sinuses, but we are adjusting. Zane has had a nose bleed already! Ugh. Oh well. I'm thankful for the cooler weather and less humidity! It reminds me of Colorado!

Fall is my favorite time of year other than Spring! I like these two season because the temperatures outside are comfortable enough to be out of the house ALL DAY LONG!

I am ready for hangouts by the fire, jeans and long sleeves!


After seeing this on Raven's Instagram (IG) I am really craving a fire and friends gathered 'round! I guess I am going to have to plan a shin dig! Wanna come? Come on! BYOB! haha!

Over the weekend, I put a few fall decorations! I also made a few things to add to it! The one thing I hate, that I cannot change is the dumb speaker sitting on my mantel. It's part of our surround sound. I disguise it with greenery at Christmas, but I haven't come up with any other ideas for other seasons. You got suggestions? Let me know!

I hit up the Dollar Tree and scored two vases and two candle holders. It wasn't the vases I was looking for, but they worked. All I did was hot glue them together. I plan to add acorns or stones inside the vase but until then, I put fake leaves and a cheap candle in it.


I've got some other projects in the works. I will post them as I finish them!



  1. Poor Zane, I feel his pain with the nosebleeds - I used to get them ALL the time when I was little. I had to have my nose cauterized twice to try to get them to stop! Anyway, I LOOOOVE the window that you have above your mantle - I have an old window that I used for a wedding project, and now its just sitting and I don't know what to do with it. And CUTE vases!

  2. I wish we were having awesome weather. It's still hot as hell here. I love your decorations! I'm actually going to pull out my Halloween decs already.

  3. Looks good!! I need to go to the dollar store and see what I can come up with. I wish we had a real mantle but ours is weird and only sticks out like an inch or 2..

  4. Loving the fall decor! I wish I had a fireplace and mantle I always love how people decorate theirs. Enjoy your weekend! xo


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