Friday, October 19, 2012

Goin Out With my Boots On

Well, not yet. I need some new ones! I love a good pair of boots. Fall is the perfect time to go out with your boots on! I have my eye on a few but I just can't commit! I have sashquatch feet! Yes. I know. I wear a size 11 in most shoes. Don't poke fun! My feet are also wide. It's VERY hard to find a pair of shoes that fit just right!

I'll tell you a sad story that happened not too long ago. On our way home from our Colorado vacation, we drove past this HUGE boot store!

I convinced the hubs to turn around and go! Yay so far! We walked around looking at clothes and coats. Knowing in my head, I was dying to go find a pair of boots to take home to sleep with. So we walked around more and looking at everything! Hats, home decor, all the animals mounted on the wall, everything! Then we finally made our way over to the boot section. I died. They had everything! Everything except a pair for me. I tried on several pairs and even had a girl helping me. I was sad to realize that I couldn't find a perfect pair to take home to cuddle with. Zane got a cute pair and a new coat!

I sucked it up and got over it, but I never gave up on the hunt. I still swoon over boots every single day! Like today, I have several pairs that I wish were in my closet at this moment!

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Do you recommend a boot that had larger/wider sizes? What's your favorite?



  1. I don't know where to find awesome larger/wider shoes, but girl if you find a place, lemme know! I'm a 10 wide and it's sad how many beautiful shoes I have to turn down because they just don't fit. I feel your pain! :( Hope you find some boots!

  2. Ahh, you are so not helping me right now!! HA! I want a new pair SO bad!!

  3. I totally get it and I hate it! I'm a 10W. PLUS I broke my foot a few years ago and now I can't bend it a certain way and can't get boots on at all. They have to have a zipper that goes all the way to the bottom. Not even ones that are an inch from the bottom! Major bummer!

  4. Ohh I love that America pair! I bought my first pair last year. Sadly it's so freaking hot here that I have only worn them twice. Come visit so we can go line dancing!!!

  5. Those are all so adorable! I love the turquoise peek through ones! an 11!! wow you and Paris Hilton could share shoes! Hope you find the perfect ones! I need cowgirl boots, but I always look like I'm trying to hard when I want to be country :)

  6. I absolutely adore the brown and turquoise ones!! I'm sorry you didn't find any that fit you. I have the same problem. I have small feet length wise but I have really wide feet. I never had this problem before I had Miley but after my feet are so wide I hate it!

  7. This makes me want some new boots! Mine are old and crusty crust. I stole them from a friend. Ha :)

  8. Love all the boots girl! And your shoe size is like your heart size BIG!! Love ya!

  9. I have some Corrals and some Ariats and I would say the Ariats are more comfortable in the sole and they have more foot room. They are the more practical boot. Corrals are more decorative, but they don't have nearly the cushion in the sole, and they tend to run narrow in my opinion. Good Luck! It takes forever to find the right pair!


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