Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Trade that I Don't Miss {that much}

If you know anything about me you know that I was once a hairdresser/stylist/barber/colorist or whatever you want to call me. I loved what I did. I enjoyed making the world beautiful one head at a time!

Why don't I do hair anymore? Well first of all I started out in a 'chop shop'. Granted, I learned so much at this place, the good, the bad, and some very ugly! This was right out of high school, most girls went there, I didn't go there just because everyone else was doing it. I went there because I saw growth in the company. I loved that. You don't always think of growth in a hair salon. You just don't. But because it was a cooperate company there was always potential movement. After working there 4 years the only kind of movement I had seen was a key. Yes, that is a lot for some places but there were girls that I had more experience over and seniority over that were moving up. I questioned why this was happening and no one in management had an explanation other than that was their choice. There was lots of favoritism there. So I hung 'em a bird and left that dump!

After that, I became the manager of a brand new salon. I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into. I had great guidance from the general manager but then she turned on me. She wouldn't offer advice anymore and the girls that were working for me were not reliable and sometimes would shut the salon down and leave for the day. Uh! So after a year of dealing with that I left and went to a barber shop.

The barber shop was great. There was only one person that worked there, the owner. She was awesome! We had a lot in common! She and her boyfriend loved to go off-road like we did! This barber shop had been there for years and had an older clientele. Old people get set in their ways and don't like to change their barber or hairdresser. I wasn't making any money. We struggled.
After that, I went on to working at a real estate office. I was there a year. Then I walked out because they were weird as hell and was trying to take my paychecks from me. Long story short: I got my ass out of there! I had a few other jobs and then I landed my telecommunications job which I loved until they shut the place down. That led me to where I am now. I love my job as an administrator! I work with 3 other people on a daily basis but it's for a HUGE company. I can't share much about it.
Anywho, I still have a passion for doing hair but I don't miss doing it every.single.day! I still do hair on the side every now and again. Mostly family and close friends.

Tomorrow I am going to share with you secrets of a trade that I don't miss {that much}. Get ready!



  1. Oh I love this!! I didn't know that you did hair!! So neat!

  2. learning things everyday about you girl lovin it

  3. OH I'm excited for tomorrow's post!! And the chop shop pictured above I will NEVER EVER step foot into again. We took Nate there when he was just a year old. I know it's not easy to cut kid's hair. But the lady did not know what she was doing and cut his ear. Sliced it open. It was traumatic for everyone. Never again.


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