Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did it. {SPD} & It's Okay #43!

Hay is is for horses and today is a double link-up kind of day! Ever feel like you just need a week long vacation and you'll feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world? Yeah, that's me right now. I feel like since after Christmas bad things keep happening to me. Not really bad stuff, but bad enough to be exhausted. On the bright side, I daydream about the beach...or at least no work for a week! What about you?

Today I am linking up for the first time with two fantastic bloggers, Stephanie and Katie!

Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Smokies


Zane doesn't like bacon. So I made a few without bacon so he would eat them. He told me they were the bomb{dot}com! These were really tasty and I liked them too! I followed the recipe but they were drowned in the butter and brown sugar mixture. I will use less of it next time. I like my bacon a little crunchy and I feel like the amount of mixture on them cause it not to cook the bacon enough.

(I forgot to take a finished product picture! Shame on me!)

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday and I'm thanking the good man above that I don't work on weekends!
I'm sorry if you have to. I used to, I know what it's like.
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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that I am doing a double link-up today.

...that I am considering going to the beach next weekend. want more tattoos. I can't commit to just one, I can to several! ha!

...that I was out of work yesterday. I stayed propped up with my knee elevated with an ice pack. This knee injury mess sucks. #dontaskiwonttell miss my hubby and it makes it harder when he works longer days because we talk less. want a car that gets good gas mileage. But I can't give up my SUV. I just can't!

...that I have all kinds of jewelry, but only wear a select few. Maybe I need to get rid of some.

...that I haven't talked about The Bachelor this week. All I want is for Tierra and her whacked out eyebrow to take it to the house! #aintnobodygottimeforthat
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What's okay with y'all today?


  1. OMG. I want some. Now. YUM!!!! Hope you get to feeling better!! Beach, already? YES :)

  2. Those look so yummy and now you got me starin' at the clock on the wall waiting for 12:30 to hit so I can go to lunch. Ugh, you know a watched pot never boils and not it will never be lunch time. I'm with ya on the Friday and a better car. I just got a new job and I have to drive into the city every morning. I almost cried this morning when I realized I went through half a tank of gas in less than two days.

  3. This is totally what I am making for dinner;)


  4. Brown sugar and bacon sounds like a wonderful combo!

  5. yummm those look delicious!! and I am sooo bad about wearing my jewelry. my husband gets mad at me about it all the time!
    Helene in Between

  6. I would love a car that gets better gas mileage but there is NO WAY in HELL that I'm getting rid of my MUSTANG!... Hope the knee is feeling better my friend!!

  7. I miss my husband if he just goes to the store. Is this (if you don't mind me asking) working longer days just a temporary thing?

  8. The food looks absolutely delicious. I'm sorry to hear about your injury!

  9. yum bacon. I can't keep it in the house bc I eat and eat until the whole pkg is gone. Sorry you hurt your knee :( I go back and forth on if I want another tattoo or not.


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