Thursday, February 28, 2013

Being a Parent: Cuteness Makes Up for It

If you are a Mom, the title of this post makes sense. If you are not, you might not quite get it or maybe you do. There are things that kids do that are down right awful and there are some things that are so funny but bad. Some of those are made up by the cuteness of a child. Still don't get it? Let me help you out.

Zane and I were in Wally World one day and ran into someone we knew. {go figure right?} We were almost done with our shopping and was in the freezer section. We stopped to chat a minute and it turned into like 30 minutes. Well, Zane likes the attention he gets when in public, so he starts racing the person we were talking to down the isle. Well after we got him to settle and not run anymore he walked over to the person we had been talking with and put his butt up to that person's leg, bent over and farted! Yes. Farted! OMG! I was sooo embarrassed! Luckily it was only the hub's cousin and he knows what my kid is like. Then Zane says "Oops! I did it again!" Oh. My. Word. It was in that moment it was so funny, we all couldn't help but laugh! I did tell him that was not nice to do in public and not to do it again, but his cuteness made up for it.

Or what about the time he wrote his name on the wall? Well, I was proud of him for writing his name, but I was pissed he wrote on the wall! Luckily, he wrote it in pencil and looked so sweet as he called me to come look at how good he wrote his name! Once again, his cuteness made up for his mistake. He now knows that he can only write on paper.

This past weekend the weather was beautiful and warm! I even broke out my flip flops! We drove over the Georgia line and played at the 'Broken Bridges'. Of course Zane had to find a way to get in the water. His argument was that it wasn't a muddy kind of water so he wouldn't really get dirty. Yeah riiiiggghhhttt! So I gave in a let him play. Boys will be boys of course. I let him be a boy as much as I can. Playing in puddles being one of them. His cuteness makes up for it! Duh!

So the next time your kid does something bad but it's funny, laugh at them. If they fart in public, try hard not to laugh, but we all know you will! It's hard not to! We know they need discipline, but they need a break too! Just every now and again, not all the time. Their cuteness will make up for it!


  1. Oh my! You are so right -- boys will be boys! Haha! What a character that Zane is!

  2. I die! Zane sounds like a little fireball. I totally get you. There are so many times when I should be disciplining the boys but they are too cute!

  3. lovin the bokeh in those first two pictures! :)


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