Wednesday, February 27, 2013


What your blog name is, why you picked it, and what it means to you?

At first, my blog name was "The Life & Wild Times of Annabelle-Carolina Country Girl". What a freakin mouth full! Too much. Too dang much. So I wanted to change it to something simple but try to keep it on the "me" side. I wanted Carolina Country Girl. Of course it was taken by some random that doesn't even blog anymore. So what was a girl to do? OF COURSE! {lightbulb} Stick a 'THE' in front! Duh! That was the day I was donned THE Carolina Country Girl. It's me. Carolina Girl. Country Girl. Perfectly Meshed.

I am a proud Carolina Girl. Please don't get that confused with Gamecocks. I am not a Gamecock fan. Sorry to disappoint a few of you. I like Clemson, but I am not a die hard asshole about it either. I like the Tigers, I show my pride tastefully. Carolina Girl means to me a girl that is proud of where she is from. Whether were on the lake, in the mountains, or at the ocean we always have a good time and love the view!

A Country girl knows her roots and stays true to them. A girl that is all about late summer nights by the fire with a fist full of boiled peanuts in one hand and an ice cold beer in the other! A Country girl has class and a pinch of sass, but doesn't care if she's wearing camo and cut offs or a sundress with boots.

I swear this all just sounded like a country song! Any writers/singers out there? Wanna put it together? Ha! Head on over a link up with Amanda, Amber, & Stephanie and tell us what your blog name is, why you picked it, and what it means to you!


  1. Your blog name is totally you! What's a gamecock?

  2. People get crazy about the Gamecock/Clemson thing. I would like to wear orange or dark red without people assuming that it's because of the football teams! One of my husband's aunts (she is an artist) did a portrait of a rooster and people whined because they thought it represented the Gamecocks! Does anyone know that gamecocks and tigers are animals, too?

  3. That's so funny you said that about a country song, cause that's exactly what I was thinking as I was reading it!

  4. Oh my, SC people are crazy about their college football rivalries. I didn't even know it until I moved to Charlotte. We are crazier about college basketball up here. So funny! Yes, your name suits you well! :-)

  5. I was thinking that sounds like a country song, in a good way. I am not from a "Southern State" but I can totally relate.

    Met you through the link up,

  6. So cute! I love when blog names describe the writer so well. Thanks for linking up :)

  7. I can't even tell you how many times I want to change my blog name. Okay on a daily basis.

  8. Love the name, funny how just adding The can give you what you want :)


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