Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Hash It Out Link-Up

Let's just get fired up here. Last nights episode of The Bachelor got me ill as a hornet! That damn Tierra makes me sick! She's such a whiny baby and always starving for attention!
I have not liked her from the get go! There's ALWAYS something wrong! She fell "up" the stairs and had to have attention then smiled like the devil when she got more time with Sean! Then he asks her to stay and rest up after she pulled the hypothermia gig last night. What does she do? Her pshyco self shows up for the party. Ugh! Devilish smile and all.
This biznatch is awful! Her intentions is for publicity, not for a husband. She keeps to herself because she wants the attention from the other girls. We all know that if you don't try to talk to the other girls in the house or at least be cordial, your ass will get talked about! Hello, remember Vienna? She was just as bad and ended up being the one Jake picked. He should have picked Tenley instead of her fake ass! They are obviously not together anymore.
Vienna Girardi
I'm also pissed that Sean sent Selma home instead of Tierra! I felt like they had great chemistry between them. Maybe Sean was afraid of her because she was actually reserved instead of throwing herself all over him like most of the other girls have!
It's starting to look like that is how this season is going to go. I'm gonna be pissed. Although there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it, there is one thing. That one thing is bitch about it! That's what I'm talking about! Hash It Out Link-Up is born! Hash It Out with me every Tuesday! It doesn't have to be Bachelor related, it can be anything! It can be about your momma's, brother's, sister-in-laws, first cousin for all I care! Just grab the button below include it in your post and come back here and link up with me! All I ask is that you link back to my blog. Have fun with it, cause we all know I am!
 Link up with me every Tuesday won't you?
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  1. So I have watched approximately 2.3 episodes of this show (please still be my friend) ... but I actually watched the entire thing last night so I actually know what's going on in blog world today. Yay! This makes me feel somewhat cool.

  2. Amen, amen, amen to all of these observations. But, from what I'm reading on Sean's sister's blog (here:, I don't think he ends up picking Tierra. So that makes me feel a teensy bit better. :)

  3. OH my gosh she is such an attention whore!!

  4. I can't STAND her! I can't stand whiny, attention-seeker girls anyway! Ugh!

  5. I just want to smack Tierra and tell her to grow up. Her self-important sense of entitlement makes me crazy...and he's sent so many awesome women home in order to keep her, including Selma this week. She was one of my favorites. I felt so bad for Selma; she just kissed him on television, which she knew was going to upset her family and then she gets sent home the same evening. Aghhh!

  6. Also, I don't actually see a linky, so maybe I'll join in next week.

  7. I haven't watched part 2 yet. I read spoilers so I know who he picks. I hate Tierra too!!


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