Monday, February 04, 2013

Snow Fools!

I didn't know that our weekend had snow in the forecast! We got a few sprinkles of it Saturday as I was spending my time in the urgent care (UC) getting xrays of my now confirmed dislocated knee. From dancing. Yes, I said dancing! Laugh it out! This moma will shake a leg and dislocate her knee! That's how I roll! With some pain meds and leg/knee exercises I am on the road to recovery!

During the 4 hours I was couped up in the UC, I would read good old facebook and I read that there were signs of snow in our area. I didn't believe it! It was bright and sunny when I went into the UC. I had promised Zane that we would get frozen yogurt afterwards if he behaved. He was exceptional! So I couldn't let the little monster down!


We filled up on froyo and then I rented movies (Pitch Perfect finally && I'm in LURVE!)from the Redbox. I went home a laid up the rest of the day! Snow or no snow, I had to rest! Sunday rolled around and my knee was already feeling better! I knew that the mountains had some snow and Z and I we're going to find it! I called up the bestie and her fam and off we went!

Zane was determined to bomb me with snow! I asked him to pretend to throw a snowball so I could take his picture and he did. Then he ran at me and bombed me with it!

It was so bright out that I couldn't see the screen on my phone. I tried to take a picture of him doing a snow angel but I cut his head off like five times! I do not have one that has his head on it! Luckily the bff got one!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Snow?! I'm so jealous! We didn't get anything! I feel jipped! I hope you get to feeling better, dancing queen!

  2. Lucky you. I wish we would get some snow here.

  3. O wow I knew you were having knee problems but I didnt know you were doing dancing with the stars girl do your thang! HaHa
    Hope you get it back heeling and all well really fast.
    I love the snow we havent gotten any but it looks so pretty there and I know Z loved it. I am laughing bc "act like you are going to throw so I can get a picture" Im like that all the time

  4. So fun! These are great pictures!


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