Monday, March 25, 2013

In Love & Still Lovin

Happy Monday Y'all! It was an alright weekend, nothing to write home about, if you know what I mean! I'm just waiting on Spring to arrive and stay for a while! Today I'm sharing with you what I am currently in love with and what I am still in love with! 

I am absolutely in love with my new lotion! I have always been on the lookout for a non-greasy lotion that isn't real perfumey like the ones at Bath & Body. (although I love their body wash and other products!) Vaseline has made me fall in love with this new spray & go deal! It's a clean scent that isn't over powering and it is not greasy at all! I've sprayed it all over and then put my clothes on and not felt that stick feeling!
I used to use Double Extend Mascara back in the day and then for some reason I started trying different ones, but nothing compared to it. So, a year later, here I am back in love with my Double Extend! I've had some bad luck with my jeep lately and I'm not real happy with it. I've been looking to replace it. Subaru is starting to take my heart from Jeeps. Even though I love my Jeep very much, I think I found it's replacement! (stay tuned!)

I'm still loving my Dove hair therapy! I've been through 5 bottles already! If you haven't heard of or used this yet, go now and get some! Best detangler everrr! It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it oily!

Having the Hubs home has been great! Zane has soaked up every single moment and so have I!


The first t-ball practice went great Friday! A lot of the parents participated and helped get the kids started with catching, batting, and learning to run the bases! I had fun being out there and encouraging the kids to do their best! I am pumped up about the season for sure now! After practice I asked Zane what his favorite part was and he said "Everything Momma!" I also asked if he could pick one part what would it be he liked best, he said "Everything" again! Bless him! He's so happy about playing!


  1. I just got that Vaseline lotion from Influenster and I can't wait to try it out. I'm an Aveeno gal thru and thru, so I'm not sure how I'll like it. Is it cold when you put it on? I'm scared, haha! And I LOVE that mascara, too! Do you find that it comes off in little tube like things? So weird, but it works miracles!

  2. I'm glad to hear the t-ball went great! I've been looking for a new mascara to try, so I might use this one. And a Subaru??? Those are like curse words in my house ;)

  3. Wish I had read this before I bought new mascara today!
    Do y'all keep score in T-ball? Please say yes.


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