Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Readers,  Thank you for sticking around even when I take off for 10 days! Social media still kept us connected! Sounds crazy, but I'm thankful! Dear Hubby, First, thank you for putting up with my crazy moods sometimes when I flip my lid! Thank you for an amazing vacation. You always pick the best places! Does this mean next summer I get to pick?!? Kauai, HI here we come? Maybe? ha! Dear Zane, Your behavior has me concerned a tid bit. You're starting school one week from Tuesday and I need you to be that sweet mannered little boy you used to be! How can you be starting Kindergarten all ready? Always be my baby, okay? Dear BFF, I miss our craft dates and shopping dates. Can we plan one soon? Call me maybe? Dear Amy, I'm strangely missing KS. Maybe it's because you are there! I love the friendship that we have built. Maybe I need to plan a trip to visit and play! Dear Friday & Weekend,  Please be kind and gentle. I need a break and complete laziness followed by a maid. Send one asap! Thanks a mill!


Vacation re-cap will resume next week! Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Ohh, i'm loving the new design. Once the maid is sent and done you can send her my way. K, thanks!

  2. I need some relaxation too, but that isn't going to happen this weekend!! UGH.

  3. Hey when you find that maid...go ahead and send her over to me after you're done with her, k?? :) Have a good, RELAXING weekend!

  4. Great letters!
    Hope the "maid" magically appears! :-D

  5. I digging your new blog colors and design love it. Kindergarten say what? Crazy and sad at the same time girl

  6. Oh yes, Kauai sounds lovely! I am still trying to figure out how they start kindergarten so quick. Don't blink this year or you'll miss it! Yes, I need that maid too! :-)


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