Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Smith's Road Trip 2013: Day 5

Day Five: We slept in and had breakfast at Denny's. Bleh, IHop is so much better. Just sayin. We heard there was an aquarium and heard it was a really nice place to go. I don't guess they've ever really been to a nice aquarium, because we were not impressed. I mean, the Georgia Aquarium is where it's at! #SorryI'mNotSorry There were a few tanks with saltwater fish and other salt life, shark models, penguins, and some sea lions you could see twice a day for like 20 minutes. Zane had fun while we were there. That's what counted. After that we got in the jeep and headed to NYC!

Our hotel was in New Jersey and we rode the Staten Island Ferry over to NYC. That was a little awkward at first just because of ALL the people. I was prepared for it to be crowded but not that bad. Sketch pads (weird ppl) every freakin where! The views from the ferry made up for it. Sadly we couldn't go to Ellis Island while we were there but at least we got to see Lady Liberty in the flesh! ha!

Once we got off the ferry we had to figure out the subway. THAT was interesting. We had no idea what we were doing, but once we started asking questions we got the hang of it. There are still a few nice people in New York City. Our first stop was Times Square. That's all I really cared about seeing. I just wanted to say that I had seen/been to Times Square. It was so overwhelming! We had no plan which was not really a good idea. We decided to walk around a little and if we saw a store we wanted to visit, we'd stop. Zane noticed ALL the 'characters' that were on each corner. There was Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Ironman, Transformers, and even Buzz and Woody. Zane saw Woody and a kid posed in front to get his picture taken by mom. As soon as the boy moved, Zane jumped in front of Woody and said "Cheese Mom!" I tried to say, "I don't have any cash, sorry!" The 'character' insisted. I looked at Steve and he said "All I have is a twenty, sorry man." They 'character' said I have change, and gave Steve four five dollar bills. So we just paid that creep $5 to take our own photo with him in his halloween costume. Gee Thanks! I hope that Starbucks you bought with that $5 didn't burn your tongue!

After we were suckered into a photo with Woody, Zane spotted "Toys For Us" (as he called it), we had to go in! This store was HUGE! I'm not even exaggerating!

This ToysRUs was 4 levels with a Ferris wheel and food court inside! We walked around seeing the Hot wheels section and then ventured to the Nintendo section. Zane picked out a game and we jetted out of there as fast as possible.

After that we got back on the subway and rode it up to Lincoln Center. We walked over to Central Park. You just can't go to NYC without seeing Central Park! It was neat! I wish that we had more time to hang around but the sun was starting to go down and we still wanted to grab some pizza before catching a ferry back to Staten Island. While in the park we got to see Trump Tower, the bridge/tunnel from Home Alone, and the carousel. I wanted to see the fountains and a few other things while in Central Park but we just ran out of time. I'm using that as an excuse to go back! The hubs said he didn't lose anything there and won't be back to NYC unless he has to! ha! We'll see about that!

Our ride home on the ferry was gorgeous! It was a great end to the day to see the sunset on the city and to see Lady Liberty glow as the sun went down. It seemed like the ferry took it's time going back across just so that we could take it all in. I sat there soaking up the day and thinking about how blessed we really are. I took a moment to thank God for all he had done for us and what he does for us everyday. This was a great trip and I'm glad we stopped in NYC! I will be back one day! Ta-Ta for now!


  1. Ahhh, I wanna go!!! Beautiful pictures!!

  2. I loved New York... I want to go back so bad! I definitely couldn't live there, but it was a fun place to visit!

  3. What a beautiful picture of the sunset with the Statue of Liberty! I would like to go to NYC someday, but I'd probably take my cousin who lived there for 3 years to get to all of the great local spots! But I'd probably want to venture down to Times Square-even though it looks like a mad house!

  4. I love NYC, and your pictures are gorgeous of Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty. I want to go back to really experience Central Park too. We went in the winter when it was really cold and snowing. :-)

  5. I have change. What a jerk. I've been to NY times but I was a teenager. I really have no desire to go back.


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