Thursday, August 22, 2013

Never Skimp Out

With all the extreme couponing and people trying to save a dolla wherever they can, it's hard to remember things that you should have to pay full price on.

There are somethings in life you just should ever ever skimp out on....

Never EVER Skimp out

  • on bras
  • cars
  • car mechanics
  • school
These are just a few things that come to mind. No lady wants a cheap bra that when you are working quietly at your desk and feel your bra pop. Something broke and now your ta-tas are flopping every where. Nobody wants to see that mess. You better pack a back up if you buy cheap bras. Also with cheap bras you sometimes get mishaped cups. Yes, cone shaped is not a good look honey.


Who ever said a cheap car was a good car was wrong. Used or brand new, cheap cars suck eventually. You can always see cheap cars on the road and what leaves you stranded. Those brands are frequent. I won't point them out, you know what a cheap car is. Everyone does.


Car mechanics can be crooks. They can turn a simple fix into a big problem. If you don't trust your mechanic then you've got problems.

School. No one wants to hire someone with just a high school diploma any more. Get your brain full and go on to college and get quality education from somewhere like Clemson University, Texas A & M, University of Georgia or even Kansas State. No I'm not biased. Ha! Don't get your edumahcatishun from Wally World or the Dolla Stoe. You won't get that dream job you are looking for without the proper credentials. Just sayin.

I there are things you can skimp out on. Like going through the Drive Thru and getting one of each off the dollar menu. Don't. Just Don't. It adds to your fatness, not your fitness. You can also skimp out on that electric pink, glow in the dark lipstick. That was only cool in the 90's when we all played under then black lights. Okay, and maybe it's might be acceptable at Halloween. With the right costume.


The next time you think about being cheap, think about it. Is is really worth going the less money route? Or think about what is it you really need to do with that neon lipstick.

Choices are to be made, not rash decisions. Too many people jump the gun too soon these days. Do you think about the decisions you make or do you wing it?


  1. bahaha! Love this!! The bra one is so true! I don't like mechanics, except for my step father! HA! Only one I trust!

  2. Hahaha! This is awesome! LOL'd at the bra one, but they are all true!

  3. This whole post was making me laugh out loud! This is SO you!!!

  4. i am a major cheapo, but the stuff you mentioned above you are right! don't skimp on this!

  5. John calls me cheap ALL the time. But I never cheap out on the things you mentioned. VS for life! I'm literally laughing out loud at your bookie comment. However, mine are too small to ever have that prob.

  6. Haha! You are so funny...but such a smarty too! :-)


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