Sunday, September 08, 2013

Maybe. Maybe Not.

Miss me yet?
I bet not. Okay. Maybe you do!
Things have been absolutely crazy in my life. From adjusting to a new job that is a whole ‘nother world to me, getting into a new schedule, and getting Zane adjusted to school. It has all been chores in itself. So please excuse the part time blogging that has been going on. If you even want to call it that!

Don’t fret; I’ve been having fun in between all this craziness that has been going on! I even met up with a blogger and her hubby for Labor Day weekend! I didn’t take lots of pictures, but I do have some! It was a nice chill weekend! We played at the beach, shopped, and ate some good food! Who did we meet up with? Why it was Pamela and her hubs! Pamela and I met through blogging last year and we met up for the first time at the Color Run in Charlotte last November! She's such a sweet heart! We also met them this summer while on vacation we stopped and had dinner with them! Now we can say we vacationed together! I'm sure that we will do that again!
Saturday night we went out to Myrtle Beach and walked on the boardwalk and rode the Sky Wheel. It was a big feat for Pamela. She is terribly afraid of heights. She swallowed her fear for the ride and did so good! With the help of her sweet hubby keeping her calm. We all know my hubs was dying to act crazy! I'm glad he didn't do anything that would have got him punched! haha!

Pamela and Bryant,
I'm so glad that you two came and stayed with us for Labor Day weekend! I hope that you had a great time! We enjoyed your company! You both are welcome to hang out with us anytime! Hopefully we see you two soon for the corn maze! Love y'all! 


  1. Well, I for one missed you! I am so jealous that you had a get-together with another blog friend...when is it my turn? :-) Your pictures of Myrtle Beach and the Skywheel are great. Mine weren't so good because it was raining when we did it. Boo! I hope your new job and Zane's experiences in kindergarten are all great!

  2. Aww love the pictures & Y'ALL! Miss you!! Hope you have a great Monday...if that's possibly for a Monday?? Ha!

  3. Aw, it looks like y'all had so much fun! Please, please let me know if y'all come to the corn maze!

  4. Congrats on the new job! You'll have to post the details. I went to MB for probably 16 summers in a row, looks like a blast!

  5. What a fun little trip! Hope the new job is going well!


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