Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'd be Lying if I told you...

If I told you I didn't miss blogging all the time, I'd be lying. I do miss being consistent with it, but not stressing about a post is pretty nice too. I wing it lately.  Talk about winging it, I winged this picture too! ha!
...I had tons of shopping to do. I don't. We're finished and I'm thankful I can relax!
...I didn't like this Christmas card too! It's the one most of y'all picked too! This is what I had printed! Thanks for all your help!
...that I have them all addressed and mailed. SMH
...that our Christmas party was nothing less than shit. It was fun. All 6 people that came! Thanks.
...I didn't like this picture of the Hubs below. Shitter's full!
...that I don't love this girl like the sister I never had! I don't know where I'd be without her! I don't even want to think about that!
...that this would never make my heart feel full! My life is complete with this!
...that this little squirt wasn't the cutest thing ever in her bow sweater! #divadog
...that I like moving this damn elf and trying to come up with ideas to do with him every single night! I hate to tell all mom's out there, I do not move our elf every night! He's lucky to be moved every other night! #EddietheElf
.... that this little boy was as sweet as he looks! He's not. He is 150% boy. That means he is cocky, thinks his poop don't stink, and he can do what he wants. He's mean a a snake and this week he called a kid at daycare an "M-Effer!" (but the actual word) I'm mom of the year right here! Need my autograph? I didn't think so.
...again, this elf.....FML.
...that this joker wasn't living the dream. If you know anything about our family, you know he is spoiled ass rotten! He gets what he wants within reason. He's a Daddy's boy and Momma's baby! Enough said.
...that I don't live the dream too. I've got it made. I work and come home to take care of this munchkin ever dang day. The hubby really takes care of us and keeps us on our feet. Thanks boo!
...I was ready for this dang elf to go. He does keep things interesting around the house.
As this picture overload wasn't enough, enjoy this.....
You're Welcome! Merry Christmas!


  1. Seriously, those pics of your husband are HILARIOUS!! And I love the pic for your card! I forget to move our elf too and I tell Lyla that he was to busy at santa's that night to do something fun here.

  2. Aw! I'm sorry your Christmas party didn't go as planned! I miss you!

  3. LOVE your leopard print pants and cardigan! I want to go shopping with you! And your husband cracks me up!

  4. Your family seems like loads of fun.

  5. That last picture!!!! hahah! Miss yall!

  6. haha! I love the first picture of you! Super cute! You're too funny!

  7. I do declare your house hold looks like a lot of fun! I love all of these pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. Glad to see you wrote to catch us up. Enjoy the holidays.


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