Thursday, September 01, 2011

Confession Session

Before I can confess anything, this little love of my life came running out of a dang truck stop looking like this and yelling "MOMA! I LOOK LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON!" Lord knows my child has no clue who M.J. really is! Bless his heart is all I can say! I tried to tell him he looked like Brantley Gilbert, whom I love! Bahahaha! Too funny! The Hubs bought him this jacket only because he thought it was funny. He said that Zane didn't even ask for it, he wanted a hot wheels car. He ended up getting both. Our child is spoiled rotten, I tell ya.

Brantley Gilbert


So, On to a Confession Session...

  • I love to get stuff in the mail. I am expecting a few things this weekend, that I am dying to show you! It will have to wait until next week!
  • If I use packet type condiments I have to squeeze them to mix them up. This is so that if they have sat for a while and water has settled on top, it won't squirt out first. I think it's gross! I also shake condiment bottles before I use them!
  • I wear flip flops way to dang much! But I will be glad to get to wear my boots everyday when it gets cooler out.
  • I like to drive fast. I never thought of it more until now. Since I have a more powerful car. Shame. I pray I don't get any tickets, and if I do, I pray I can get out of it.
  • My hair has never grown much farther than 2 inches past my shoulders. I love long hair but I've never been able to get it any longer. It's pretty thin in my opinion.
  • My house is less than a year old and I hate the carpet. I want hardwood floors with rugs.
  • I've gotten slack about sewing and crafting. I need to get my tail in gear!
  • I'm ready for my husband to go back to work! I love him and need him, but he gets stir crazy being around the house. It drives me nuts! (This is also another post in its self!)
  • I am supposed to wear glasses when I am sitting at a computer, but I only wear them when my eyes hurt. smh
  • I am going on a bachelorette weekend starting tomorrow morning! I'm wishing we could leave tonight! [not gonna happen] I will post more details and pics upon my return!

What do you want to confess today?

{my child has a way with words for sure lol}


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