Friday, January 25, 2013

'Tis Friday Biznatches

I am so glad that the weekend is finally here!

(again no smile from Zane. I still ove that crazy kid!)

It's sleeting here but that is a far as I think it's going to go. I want to see some snow and none of that icy mess. People can't drive around here. Seriously!

And what's with people being like this?
Crazy. I went to the grocery store to pick up some things this evening. I guess everybody's making French toast. There was no bread, no milk and no eggs.

If I thought we'd get snowed in, I'd be stocking up on freakin jager, vodka, redbull, and lemons to keep myself warm! Oh and don't forget the moonshine!


What do you do when you get the call for snow in your area?
Are you one of those crazies that goes to the grocery store and fights for milk and bread?
Or do you booze cruise like we do in South Kakylack?


  1. I was sent home 18 minutes after I got to work this morning - because its been sleeting... but the roads are so salted its not going to freeze! People certainly go crazy around here - I don't get it!

  2. Screw the bread and eggs, bring on the hot chocolate shots and spicy chili!

  3. Oh I'm a BOOZER all the way Chica...

  4. I want the boys to see snow sooo bad! Don't forget the Frangelico ;)

  5. I sometimes go to the grocery but not for the essentials usually for crap to make chili dogs. Every single time it snows I think that I need to make a fire and eat coney's. Don't people realize you can survive on the carbs from that crap in case of a blackout for days?

  6. I don't know why people want to buy milk and bread when the weather's bad around here! I'd much rather get some beer & chili fixin's! They act like they're going to be stuck for weeks.

  7. Hello Annabelle!!! I just stumbled upon your blog via the Southern Bloggers Rock page and just wanted to say I'm glad I did! Your blog is awesome and can't wait to read more! Hope ya'll are having a great weekend! Jess (


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